Where to wild camping in Fuerteventura?

If you like camping and nature, among all the islands of the Canary Archipelago, Fuerteventura is an excellent option. Tour the island without worrying about accommodation and discover wonderful places while camping in Fuerteventura.

Wild camping in Fuerteventura

From May, some areas in Fuerteventura are enabled for people who want to tour around the wildest spots of the island and also prefer camping. Although Fuerteventura’s Cabildo is managing a regulation for this activity, it’s still possible to camp on several beaches of the island.

The enabled beaches have a large number of campers, so keep in mind to book in advance. The best known camping zones are:

Camping in La Oliva

La Oliva municipality has four areas where camping is allowed. Three of these campsites are located on the beaches of Punta Blanca, María Díaz and Caleta Beatriz, all towards north of the municipality between Majanicho and the El Cotillo Lighthouse. These beautiful beaches are perfect to relax on and enjoy the sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. The fourth camping area is located in La Caleta, on the east coast of the municipality.

For instance, Punta Blanca is an enclave protected from the winds, which is why the sea is very calm here. In addition, this beach has a special charm due to its fine white sand, surrounded by gray lava, and is a perfect place for those who want to learn to surf.

On the other hand, Caleta de Beatriz is a beach of white and fine sand, with turquoise waters. It’s ideal for snorkeling with children and discovering the marine fauna that hides under the sea. It has natural pools created among the rocks. Additionally, from there you will be able to see a beautiful panoramic view of Tostón Lighthouse.

In general, all these campsites remain open from the end of May to the end of September. Generally, the deadlines for applying for camping permits are open between approximately April and May.

Camping in Puerto del Rosario

The area where you will be able to camp in Puerto del Rosario is Playa Blanca, a safe and quality beach, ideal to enjoy with the family and for sports lovers, both beginners and professionals. Since it’s a beach close to Fuerteventura’s capital, it has many services, activities and water sports available. Additionally, this wide, sandy  beach is also one of the favourites on Fuerteventura for surf lovers.

Camping en Pájara

The municipality of Pájara is the one with the most camping areas on Fuerteventura. It has 9 authorized areas with 280 places available. The camping season begins in June and ends in late September approximately.

Some of Pájara beaches have areas enabled for vans and others for tents. These beaches are: Puerto Rico, Tabaibejo, La Jaqueta, Guerepe, Ugán, La Solapa, Garcey and Vigocho. Bear in mind that Baja de Gómez camping season is shorter since it begins in early July.

Garcey beach, known for the wrecked ship that hides its waters, is to the northwest of Jandía. It is a wide, wild beach with black sand and rocks, where surfers come to take advantage of its waves, since there the ocean has strong currents. Additionally, its panoramic views are wonderful.

La Solapa is a virgin beach close to Garcey’s. It’s a secluded and quiet enclave, with fine sand, some parts with golden sand and in others with  black, surrounded by cliffs and stones that emerge from the earth. Remember to go with plenty of provision, since it’s an isolated spot with no services around. There you will be able to discover amazing strong winds and big waves, so if you want to enter the water be extremely careful.

Vigocho beach is one of the most isolated beaches and its desertic landscape is simply stunning. It has golden sand, deep blue waters and a beautiful reef. Getting there is a bit difficult, but it’s worth staying in Vigocho to completely disconnect and experience nature.

Camping in Antigua

Pozo Negro campsite in the municipality of Antigua, on the east coast of Fuerteventura usually opens at Easter and remains available for campers until the end of summer. It’s a camping with 70 places for caravans and huts and it also has public toilets, water, showers and electricity.

This area is located next to a fishing village in a bay that protects it from the winds and where it’s possible to taste the typical dishes of the sea, so traditional in Fuerteventura’s gastronomy.

In addition, Pozo Negro is a beautiful cove of small dimensions and with black volcanic gravel that contrasts with the reddish mountains that surround it. In fact, you can still appreciate the route that the magma left in its path towards the sea, of a wonderful blue.

If you like nature and enjoy falling asleep with the sound of the sea as a background, and if you want to feel the peace around you, camping in Fuerteventura is the experience you are looking for. And if you also want to visit the neighbouring island of Lanzarote when you visit the Canary Islands, you have Lines Romero to take you!