Virgen del Carmen and New Year's Eve. The golden celebrations of La Graciosa.

La Graciosa is a special place. It is the only island in the world inhabited without paved roads. It is an earthly paradise and it’s just a hop from Lanzarote. It is the ideal place to disconnect and feel the nature in its true essence. But what if you missing the amusement only a fiesta can provide? Is La Graciosa still a place for you? Here we show you the best celebrations on the island.

Although there is really no need to have an excuse to visit La Graciosa, undoubtedly the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen and New Year’s Eve are a very special dates to celebrate them in this amazing island.

Feast of Virgen del Carmen. Marine passion

The festivities of Carmen are a truly special celebration, with a true maritime flavour and in which the religious traditions of this beautiful land are intensely breathed. The church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen is the parish of the town of Caleta de Sebo and the only one on the whole island, although administratively belongs to the municipality of Teguise in neighbouring Lanzarote. Virgen del Carmen, also called locally Virgen del Mar, is the patroness of Caleta de Sebo and La Graciosa, hence its festival is celebrated with style.

The church was built in 1945 and in 1993 was raised to rank as a parish church. All of it, as is normal, is decorated with sailor motifs. The main altarpiece has the shape of a boat, the main altar has details related to the sea and the Eucharistic table is based on an old anchor. It is a beautiful space.

During the holidays, this small parish is full of passion. The main day, the day of La Virgen del Carmen, is the 16th of July, although before and after this date there are ludic activities to commemorate the celebration. But the 16th is a special day to experience on La Graciosa. It is the day on which a Eucharist is celebrated and, after the offering to the Virgin, hundreds of people join the maritime procession. It is a beautiful image.

But these festivals also include parties, outdoor concerts, games, activities for adults and children, and all kinds of dynamics to brighten the days before and after the 16th.

A different New Year's Eve

Are you one of those who think that the last night of the year is special and should be celebrated in a different way? So your destiny is La Graciosa.

In this island paradise you can live a December 31st on the beach, in bathing suit, about 22 degrees Celsius approximately and in a protected natural environment, of great scenic value. It will be, without any doubt, the best way to end your year.

The beaches of La Graciosa are filled with the right New Year’s Eve atmosphere. In fact, it is an island with 700 inhabitants but, during these days, the number of citizens increases until reaching the 2,000. Eating the grapes, toasting in champagne and welcomeing the new year in this environment is a unique experience that you must not miss.Book now your ferry to La Graciosa.

But how to get to La Graciosa? If you are in Lanzarote, there are daily boats that do this regular line continuously. They leave Orzola and go to Caleta de Sebo, the only port on the largest islet of the Chinijo archipelago. It is a very short journey, about 25 minutes, where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and a bar service to start celebrating.