La Graciosa, the ideal destination for Christmas holidays in the sun

Have you ever wondered what Christmas on a sunny island would be like? What it would be like to feel the warmth of the sun on your face instead of snowflakes? Imagining yourself going for a dip in the sea? … Well, put pen to paper and write down your wishes in a letter to Santa Claus! He might get you the perfect getaway to La Graciosa for the holiday season.

Experiencing a Christmas in La Graciosa

La Graciosa weather is simply ideal when it comes to selecting the perfect activities, even during Christmas holidays. Why do we say that? Well, during December the minimum temperature in the island is just 21 degrees, while you would be experiencing up to 26 degrees. Seems like summer? For some it is, for the islanders it’s their typical winter. And what’s more, you would also be having more than 10 hours of sun and almost no rain to interrupt your holiday.

We could even say in La Graciosa, Santa Claus rides a shirt, shorts and flip flops aboard his sleigh. Moreover, the reindeer will have no problem when it comes to traffic, because there are no paved roads on the island, they are made of sand. In fact, people go from one place to another on foot or by bicycle and any place can be reached in a very short time.

The Natural Park of La Graciosa is located in the Marine Reserve of the Chinijo Archipelago, a protected area with great natural resources both on land and in the sea. 

Christmas with friends, your partner or family

Experiencing Christmas in La Graciosa will be fun and different. Far from waiting for gifts under the tree, you will be able to spend the night on the beach. Picture yourself watching the stars and hearing the waves breaking on the shore, on this almost virgin island. A protected environment with incredible landscapes and an ideal place to spend the perfect relaxed Christmas.

During the day you will be able to explore the different coves the island hides, visit the village of Pedro Barba and then take a break to savor its delicious cuisine based on sea products.

La Graciosa is a place worth visiting throughout the year. And whether you visit the island with your partner, family or friends, you will find out that everyone is able to enjoy their favorite hobbies there, such as trekking, reading, sunbathing, or practicing their favorite water sport: surfing, diving, cycling, kayaking or snorkeling to discover life under the sea. 

How you arrive to La Graciosa during Christmas?

By plane you will be arriving to Lanzarote where it’s possible to take a ferry to La Graciosa. Embarc in Órzola and just 30 minutes later will reach Caleta de Sebo – the only inhabited village on the island. If you want to bring a surfboard, bike or even your pet in addition to your normal luggage, it won’t be a problem. Moreover, these ferries have free Wi-Fi and you can have a drink at the on-board bar to start the festivities!

Would you like to book in advance? Líneas Romero makes that easy! You can make your reservation here.

Where to stay in La Graciosa during Christmas?

Since the small island of La Graciosa is a Natural Park there are no large hotel complexes, but there are apartments where you can stay. Even more cozy for Christmas, isn’t it? But don’t forget to check availability in advance!

But what if you are feeling adventurous? Even better, because if you want to experience the pure nature there will be a place for you in “El Salado” campsite. It is the only one on the island and is located on the beach of “El Salado”, near Caleta de Sebo. But keep in mind that the places are very limited and you cannot exceed the maximum of 7 days of stay, so we recommend that you book couple of months in advance, at least.

So, do you dare to pack your bags and travel to La Graciosa to spend a different Christmas and, maybe, stay until New Year’s Eve? If you make up your mind, remember to leave the scarf and gloves at home because you won’t need them! And have a merry Christmas.

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