Corralejo Natural Park. The famous dunes of the Canary Islands.

Can you picture a horizon of dunes where the intense blue of the sea contrasts with the golden sand? Lose yourself in a desert paradise and experience an adventure in a unique space. The Corralejo Natural Park is a desert in Fuerteventura and not just that, since you can also visit it from Lanzarote because it is in the north area, the closest to this island. This two island are only separate from a small strait known as La Bocayna, which has a length of 15 kilometres.

If you are in Lanzarote, there are regular lines with constant departures or daily excursions with guides that allow you to escape during your vacations to this magical natural park in a comfortable and relaxed way. Travelling from one island to another in the archipelago is very easy and it only takes 45 minutes by ferry.

The Dunes of Corralejo

The Dunes of Corralejo is the name of this beautiful protected natural space of 2,600 hectares. It is in the northern part of the island and is one of its main tourist attractions. Do you know why? Because they are the most extensive dunes of the Canarian archipelago. In fact, geological studies have proven that these sand accumulations have an organic origin since they have been created from the disintegration and pulverization of molluscs shells and other marine organisms with outer skeletons that lived under the sea, died, and marine currents and wind have dragged to the northeast of Fuerteventura. It really is fascinating!

Special Protection Area of Birds

The Corralejo Natural Park is home to a wide variety of birds. Along with the islet of Lobos, it has been declared Special Protection Area of Birds. Between mound and mound of sand there is autochthonous vegetation and endemic flora formed by species of the Canary Islands and other islands of the Atlantic Ocean, like Madeira, The Azores or Cabo Verde.

There is a path that crosses the dune area and, if you follow it, you’ll see it’s a real wonder for your senses. This path is called Malpaís de Tía Seca and has eight kilometres long.

The beaches of Corralejo Natural Park

The beaches in this area are breath taking, with fine golden sand, and crystal clear waters that lead you to dive into them. Plus, if you want, you will also find your place away from the crowd. This beach is so extensive that it is difficult to meet someone. In fact, it is one of the most important and at the same time less crowded tourist enclaves of the island. Actually, this area is only 95 kilometres away in a straight line from the Sahara desert on the African continent. So we can assure that you will feel like an authentic Bedouin in the middle of the desert.

Corralejo has a lot more to offer. Desert, beaches, nature but also a beautiful village. The old part of the urban centre, which surrounds the little dock, it has a promenade with restaurants and shops next to a comfortable and quiet beach. Next to this promenade, less than a kilometre away, you will find the sports harbour of Corralejo, where, if you dare, you can rent surfboards, jet skis or even motorboats.

Corralejo has a lively atmosphere, with shopping centres, amusement parks and other activities to offer any type of traveller. In addition to a very dynamic nightlife.

If your destination is Lanzarote, travelling to Fuerteventura is a very good option. You will be able to know another island, to admire other landscapes, to dive in paradisiacal beaches and to discover a unique Natural Park in the world.