Diving in Fuerteventura, the Canary Island with the greatest marine wealth

Would you like to dive in the waters of the island with the greatest marine wealth in the Canary archipelago? Discover the fabulous fauna that hides underneath the sea outside Fuerteventura. Enjoy an unforgettable experience where you could learn about the biological wealth of the waters that surrounds the island and its incredible topography…

Marine biological wealth of the island

Fuerteventura in holds the top position of the archipelago for the practice of diving. One of the most used coastal locations for this sport is Corralejo (north of the island) which, along with Isla de Lobos, make up the most favorable area for this activity thanks to its shallow depth and its sea of transparent waters. Plus, this feature makes it a very appreciated region for photography lovers, due to its excellent luminosity.

Depending on the area of immersion you can see how marine life varies. You can find horse mackerel, bream sargas, parrot fish, red mullet, barracudas in shallow areas and groupers, canary lobsters, sprouts, moray eels, in deeper areas. A world where marine fauna and flora coexist in a unique landscape, is waiting to surprise you.

The marvellous marine orography

You can dive among lava rock formations, caves, chimneys, cornices, corridors, reefs … and all this under the different colours of the seabed, with its anemones and schools of fish that sparkle with the beam of sunlight that manages to penetrate between the rock formations.

In Bajón del Río, one of the most famous diving spots in Fuerteventura, you will get to know a reef in which three mushroom-shaped lava rock formations emerge from the seabed up to 32,80 feet high. These formations were eroded over the centuries by marine currents, giving them the unique shapes that are appreciated today and that shelter groupers, roosters, breams, mackerels, parrotfishes…

How can you enjoy this activity?

To enjoy this activity, you can go to some of the diving centres that offer their services on the island. They will inform you and guide you to perform the dive safely, fun and according to your experience.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will find ideal areas to dive along the entire coastline of Fuerteventura. From shallow rock formations, protected from winds and waves for beginners, as well as from reefs up to 105 feet deep for expert divers where the currents can be very strong.

Do not miss this incredible experience in Fuerteventura!

Have you never dived and you want to try it?

In the especializad centres they will give you the required training to dive. After a theoretical and practical class, you will be ready to submerge up to 32,80 feet deep. They will take you to your first dive and that will be your baptism!

Are you an advanced diver?

In the Calamareo reef, there is a grotto accessed by descending 105 feet vertically through a gorge, at which point the underwater curve opens and you will continue swimming along a reef. In the background you can see eagle rays flying over the sand…

To be able to enjoy this experience it will be convenient to use Nitrox that will allow you a longer immersion time.

If you want to dive in Spain

To be able to carry out this activity it’s necessary to have accident insurance and a medical certificate with an antiquity of less than 2 years (prescribed by law).

If you already have the title that accredits you for the practice of this sport, we recommend you do it under the supervision of qualified personnel with experience in the area where you will perform the dive for your safety.

And if you go with children, Snorkel for the whole family

If you have children, an activity that will be entertaining for the whole family is snorkeling. In the especializad centres they will provide you with all the equipment to practice this activity safely.

They will take you to enjoy some fun hours where you can, along with your children, swim in shallow and crystalline waters, discover fish of all colours, starfishes, clams, crabs and meet other inhabitants of the sea. A surprising experience for them that they won’t ever forget.

The snorkel is suitable for children from 5 years and doesn’t require experience, so you can enjoy the expedition by the sea with no troubles.

If you already dream of this experience, we can take you to dive to Fuerteventura. Book your ferry online now and board directly without queues or waiting. Make sure you have your ticket to enjoy diving in Fuerteventura!

See you on board!

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