Diving in Lanzarote. Discover the best places to dive in the volcano island

Lanzarote of the Canary Islands is one of the best diving spots because of the ideal conditions of the sea and its sea beds of volcanic origins. Its water is incredibly beautiful and during the diving seasons in Lanzarote – Summer and Autumn – the visibility of the sea will be about 30 meters at most. In addition, depending on your diving experience, varieties of diving courses or programs are offered. If you are passionate about diving, here is the ideal travel destination for you.

Diving experience

Do you have any diving experience? Even if you are a beginner diver and don’t have any previous experience, you will be able to try diving in Lanzarote. In fact, many diving agencies in Lanzarote offer varieties of special diving programs for beginners.

If you are a professional diver, you will have the chance to enjoy diving fully in different unique diving spots in Lanzarote. In that case, we recommend you to rent diving equipment on the island. There are some diving shops in Lanzarote where you can find all the necessary diving equipment, such as a mask, a wetsuit, etc. Therefore, you don’t need to bring your own equipment from your country.

Best diving spots

There are a lot of great diving spots in Lanzarote, but there is one diving spot we highly recommend you to choose. It is called Playa Blanca, and it is made of three different areas: Las Coloradas, Playa Flamingo, and Playa Papagayo. In these diving spots it is relatively easy to try diving, and you can experience and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

One of the reasons why we recommend Playa Blanca is because there you will find Museo Atlántico, the only submarine museum in Europe. This museum, located on the protected coast of Las Coloradas, has 10 unique sculptures under the sea. Whether or not a professional diver, you can not miss this experience. If you have never dived, diving schools offer a special program that includes a prior diving lesson and a visit to the Atlantic Museum. If you are a licensed diver, the diving companies take you to the museum site by boat, with daily departures in the morning and afternoon.

Museo Atlantico Underwater Museum |© Holiday Photos / Flickr

Moreover, a popular travel destination called Marina Rubicon can be found in the region of Playa Blanca. Therefore, you can enjoy shopping and tasting delicious local gastronomy after enjoying diving.

Flexible diving programs

Many diving schools or agencies are located in Lanzarote and they offer very flexible diving courses and programs. Therefore, you can choose the best diving lesson for you depending on your age, travel schedule, and preferences.

If you want to experience diving with your children, it’s normally possible if they are at least 10 years old. But even if your children are under 10 years old, you will be able to show them the crystal water in Lanzarote – some diving agencies offer a program called “Bubblemaker” for children who are 8 years old or older.

Even if your travel schedule is very tight, you can enjoy diving within your limited time as most of the diving agencies offer 2-hour diving program for beginner divers.

Moreover, if you are planning to get a certified diving license during your trip, Lanzarote is an ideal place. Depending on your diving experience, you can choose the best diving course. For example, if you are a beginner diver, it’s a good idea to take a course called “PADI open water diver.” In this 3-day course, you will obtain a certificate that is recognized all over the world and will acquire the knowledge to dive with a partner.

Are you ready to dive into the beautiful sea in Lanzarote? This is really attractive travel destination for people who are passionate about diving!