The best Windsurf and Kitesurf spots at Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is home to beautiful beaches, volcanic scenery and it also has the best climatology to practice any type of water sport, almost through the complete year. Thanks to its wind and long beaches it is considered of the reference places to practice Windsurf or Kitesurf. Actually, this week, the 33th Rene Egil Windsurf and Kitesurf World cup is taking place at Fuerteventura.

Both water sports, as we have mentioned earlier, can be practiced through the year but the preferred conditions will take place from May until August.

When talking about this sports we must divide the island into two; the north (Corralejo Beach and Cotillo), and the south which holds less waves ( Sotavento and Caleta de Fuste)

Windsurf and Kitesurf in the north coast

The north coast is one of the of the best place to practice these sports but it appears to be risky, not dangerous but in the way where conditions may suffer a rapid change and suddenly you will be able to practice Windsurf or Kitesurf.

Usually when conditions are the right ones, these will bring waves with it. Do not worry though, in the north there is a spot for you no matter what your skill or your likes are.

El Cotillo Beach

El Cotillo is a magnificent beach which offers waves that break aggressively touching the shore. It has big waves that, if you like, will make you jump, we recommend this beach if you have a certain advanced level.

El Corralejo Beach

El Corralejo is located in front of Isla de lobos and Lanzarote. It is considered a great touristic location and its huge waves will let practice this sport to people with a really advanced level only. Anyways we recommend visiting this beach to watch the surfers and the extremely beautiful beach.

La playa del Burro

The Playa del Burro is a beach which offers a high liability during the summer even more this beach has a really soft wave which means anyone can practice Windsurf or Kitesurf.

Sotavento, "the mecca" in the south of Fuerteventura

All Windsurf and Kitesurf of the south will concentrate here. Anyone who is practices this sport has been or has the intention to be here once. Using the Lineas Romero ferries you can take your board free of costs. The high liability, the characteristic Turkish blue sea and the long sandy beach makes it a key spot for surfers at Fuerteventura. There must be a reason why the world cup is done here year after year.

The wind of this beach it will stay at 5 or 6 knots and usually comes gusty, in addition the sea is always flat. Throughout this you can find a lagoon formed depending on the phases of the moon. Sotavento should be part of your list if you plan to do windsurfing or kite surfing in Fuerteventura. 

Cala de Fuste

If you are learning, near Sotavento you will be able to find the Caleta de Fuste, a beach protected from currents and waves. We really recommend it to be baptized in these sports.

Now you know where you MUST go to practice these two sports I hope you enjoy it but take care and be conscious of the risks. If surfing is your thing, take a look at our blog, the five best surfing spots in Fuerteventura, if beaches are your thing  then take a look at the five most special beaches in Fuerteventura.

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