Discover the best family-friendly beaches in La Graciosa

La Graciosa is the eighth island of the Canarian archipelago. An island that has passed almost unnoticed for decades. For that reason, it’s one of those unique places where the nature in its pure state still reigns.

If you really want your holidays in the Canary Islands to be different, you should definitely visit La Graciosa. Ancient legends say that it was an island of pirates. There are even those who today still claim that there is a treasure hidden under the sand of one of its paradisiacal beaches. Discovering La Graciosa mysteries with your family is a promising experience. There are fantastic nooks and crannies. Here you have our selection of the best beaches to enjoy with children.

Francesa Beach

La Playa Francesa es una de nuestras preferidas de la zona sur. Tiene una arena finísima de color dorado que contrasta con el azul turquesa de sus aguas. Si visitas La Graciosa contratando una excursión, es probable que desembarques directamente en esta zona. Si, por el contrario, llegas en el ferry de la línea regular, desembarcarás en el puerto de Caleta de Sebo que está situado a menos de una hora de paseo y a unos 20 minutos en bicicletaPlaya Francesa es un auténtico paraíso.

Playa Francesa is one of our favourites in the south. It has fine golden sand that contrasts with the turquoise blue of its waters. If you visit La Graciosa by hiring a tour, you are likely to land directly in this area. If, on the other hand, you arrive on the regular ferry line, you will disembark at the port of Caleta de Sebo, which is located less than an hour’s walk and about 20 minutes by bikePlaya Francesa is a real paradise. 

La Cocina

It is one of the most impressive beaches of La Graciosa. It is located in the foothills of Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain) and its surroundings are spectacular. It is a cove of about 100 meters long with a unique landscape. Here the turquoise blue of the Atlantic Ocean contrasts with the ochre tones of the arid mountainous land.

It is one of the best places to rest during the days with strong wind and waves. La Cocina is naturally protected and its waters are always pretty calm. Therefore, it is also the ideal marine area for diving.

La Cocina is only ten minutes walk from La Francesa and is ideal if you are really looking for a quiet spot, because it is usually less crowded than La Francesa. Anyway, from both of them your family will still enjoy the amazing views of the Lanzarote island, specifically to its north coast.

Las Conchas Beach

This beach is at the opposite end, specifically in the northwest of La Graciosa. From here you will have fantastic views of two more islets of the Chinijo archipelago, Clara and Alegranza. You will be able to disconnect looking at the horizon and while the children will entertain themselves playing with the small shells of thousand colours scattered by the sand, shells that give name to this corner.

Las Conchas is an hour’s walk from Caleta de Sebo, but the trail is easy and comfortable. If you decide on this beach you should keep in mind that on days with strong wind the waves are intense and the bath can be dangerous for the little ones.

Caleta de Sebo

It is the main port of La Graciosa island, where all the ships of the regular line that unites the island with Lanzarote land. Caleta de Sebo is the only nucleus of population with inhabitants throughout the year. It has a fine sandy beach and it’s also very quiet. Nearby, there is a restaurant bar that serves refreshing meals and drinks to appease the intense heat. It is also the most crowded area, although its beach maintains the essence of paradise and tranquillity.

Remember to wear suitable footwear and fastened for the little ones. If you are a large family of explorers, you must walk between rocks and rocks to conquer the most paradisiacal beaches, so don’t forget to carry abundant sun cream and water supplies. Happy conquest!