Fiestas del Carmen return to La Graciosa

If we think of the best celebrations that La Graciosa has to offer us, without a doubt, those of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors and of the island itself hit the mark. We are sure that there is no Graciosa or Lanzarote native who has not enjoyed them at least once in his life. They are days full of traditions that take us back to our roots.

Last year, residents and visitors to La Graciosa were left wanting with desire to enjoy this celebration during the month of July, due to cancellation because of the pandemic generated by Covid19. However, this year they will be able to celebrate again, with fewer acts, but with all the safety and hygiene measures in place.

Last Saturday the Fiestas del Carmen started with a concert by Javier Infante at the 30th International Festival Canarias Jazz & Más 2021. This week, from Monday, the traditional decoration of the streets of Caleta de Sebo took place and on Wednesday, July 7th, the proclamation was held by Doña Margarona Páez Guadalupe. Thus, she, who was the mayor of La Graciosa for so many years, kicked off the celebrations of these famous festivals.

A complete program of activities

All who pass by will be able to participate in religious acts and enjoy music, dance, art, workshops, humour, and literature. The concert “Vivir es hoy” with Almudena Hernández and Ciro Corujo, the performance of the comedian Petite Lorena, the concert “Sombreras” by Beni Ferrer, or the presentation of the book by Inés Rojas, “Without gender of doubt”, are some of the activities that cannot be missed in these Fiestas del Carmen 2021.

The Eucharist of the Pilgrims will take place on the big day of these festivities, Friday, July 16th, at 9:30 am. It should be noted that offerings of non-perishable food will be made and the winning poem of the “Inocencia Páez Poetry Contest” will be read at the end of the act.

Surely next year we will return to enjoy one of the acts most beloved by Líneas Romero and which arouses the most excitement among entertainers and visitors: the maritime procession of the Virgen del Carmen. And although this act will not be celebrated this year, we will have a complete program of activities.

If you do not want to miss the Fiestas del Carmen… Book your ferry with Líneas Romero and sign up for the events you wish to attend through the Municipal Office of La Graciosa, or by calling 928 84 20 55. It should be noted that all these events will be free entry until full capacity is reached. See you at the Fiestas del Carmen 2021!

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