The most special Fuerteventura beaches you cannot miss out

Did you know that the island of Fuerteventura is the second largest one of the Canary archipelago? And it also has some of the most special beaches! Do you want to discover them?

In Fuerteventura you can choose between sunbathing on fine golden sand or look for one of the famous black sand beaches. The last ones are very characteristic in the Canary Islands, although you will only find just a few in Fuerteventura.

Sotavento, a summer postcard in the south of Fuerteventura

If you had to print a photograph of your trip to Fuerteventura, surely it would be one that you would have taken in Sotavento. This coastline is a group of virgin beaches united to form almost 10 kilometres of swimming areas and walks on the golden sand.

Sotavento is the name that takes the set of five beaches: La Barca, Risco del Paso, Mirador, Marnombre and Los Canarios. Being such an extensive coast, Sotavento is the ideal place to find a corner of tranquillity on an island like Fuerteventura.

Also, if you like water sports, but you’re not an expert surfer, this is the perfect spot to start, thanks to a kind of three-kilometre, shallow lagoon formed by a sand barrier. Go ahead and improve your sailings skills!

Gran Tarajal, a black sand beach in Fuerteventura

This beach is located in the heart of the homonymous place of Gran Tarajal and it’s one of the few examples of black sand beach that we can find in Fuerteventura. This is a quiet shore and is not usually very crowded, since this is not a very tourist beach. It’s usually visited by the inhabitants of the town of Tuineje, where it’s located.

During the month of September, the High Tackle Fishing Championship is held on the beach of Gran Tarajal and the area is filled with hundreds of fishing boats prepared to catch tunas and swordfish. It can also be a special time to visit this beach if you’re a fishing lover.

Gran Tarajal is a beach that has all kinds of services: toilets, showers, sports area and playground, making it ideal for the family.

Esquinzo, a corner full of beauty

Esquinzo is a more isolated beach and, therefore, much quieter than others we can find in Fuerteventura. It’s part of the town of El Cotillo, in the Northwest of the island. To situate yourself, Playa de Esquinzo is between Playa del Águila and the end of Paso Chico.

It’s a perfect area for surfing because of its size and the low frequency of bathers. If you want to find a special corner in Fuerteventura, you cannot miss out this beach.

La Concha, a beach formed by puddles

Don’t get confused by La Concha beach in the area of El Cotillo (Fuerteventura) and the one that is in the islet of Lobos. Both of them have the same name and they are equal as beautiful, since it couldn’t be any other way. So today we will talk about the beach of La Concha in Fuerteventura, a must-see if you are a surfing lover.

The special thing about La Concha is that it’s formed by large puddles that could be considered almost natural pools. This is why it’s a perfect beach for families, since these puddles are the perfect place for the little ones to bathe without being in danger due to the ocean currents.

The beach of La Concha is practically linked to the beach of Los Lagos, another area of crystal clear waters that you cannot miss out.

Puertito de Lobos, a natural puddle on the islet of Lobos

Although this beach isn’t located in Fuerteventura, it’s worth mentioning for its incomparable beauty. The Puertito de Lobos is, as its name suggests, a small port located on Isla de Lobos, very close to Fuerteventura.

Although it serves as a mooring for fishermen, it’s also a perfect place for diving or just swimming. In Puertito de Lobos, a natural pool has been created that invites you to relax in an incredible landscape. The small houses of the urbanization of El Puertito give a very rustic touch to the area.

In Isla de Lobos you can also enjoy a paella in the only restaurant that is located on the island. Get away to Isla de Lobos to visit this unique corner in the world. You can book your excursion to Isla de Lobos directly and in advance from Línea Romero website