Gastronomy of Fuerteventura. The best local dishes to try

Are you planning to visit Fuerteventura on your next trip? This island is a great tourism destination to enjoy water activities such as diving and surfing. But do you know that this island also offers a wide variety of delicious local meals? When you visit Fuerteventura, these are all local dishes we recommend you to taste.

A few tips about gastronomy in Fuerteventura

The first thing you need to know about the gastronomy in Fuerteventura is that most of the dishes are coming with a piece of healthy and nutrient bread, made from traditional dough called Gofio. It is made of toasted wheat or maize flour. Secondly, goat dishes are very popular in Fuerteventura. Once you step onto the island, you will notice that there are many goats on the island. Finally, some dishes in Fuerteventura are considered as Canary dishes, so you can enjoy them through the Canary Islands.

The best cheese in Europe?

If you are hot on cheese, majorero – local – goat cheese will be the best cheese to try in Fuerteventura. This cheese is one of the most popular cheeses in Europe and it has been awarded the title of the best cheese many times. Its flavour is creamy, but slightly spicy and that is the reason why it is considered as one of the best cheeses in the world. Also, because it is used as a special ingredient in Fuerteventura, you will definitely have a chance to try it.

majorero|© Martí Vicente / Flickr

Local meat dishes in Fuerteventura

If you want to try local meat dishes in Fuerteventura, you can’t miss goat meat. Surprisingly, there were more goats on the island than people until a few years ago. Therefore, there is a variety of goat dishes in Fuerteventura. Among them, we want you to taste a goat stew called La Cabra en Salsa. Once you put a piece of this delicious meal into your mouth, you will notice that juicy meat starts to melt in your mouth.

puchero canario (5) |© Mari Rguez / Flickr

If you don’t like goat meat, don’t worry! Other kinds of meat are also available for you. For example, puchero canario, another traditional dish in Fuerteventura, is cooked with pork, beef, and some vegetables such as cabbage and sweet potatoes. Also, if you want to taste something new, we recommend you to eat conejo en salmorejo. This dish is cooked with a rabbit, vegetables, and aromatic herbs and laurel.

Conejo en Salmorejo. Chef Koketo |© Jorge Hernández Alonso / Flickr

Fresh local fish and seafood in Fuerteventura

Many kinds of fresh seafood are also available in Fuerteventura. Among it, the most popular kinds of fish are viejas, corvina, cherne, sama, and salema. Usually, they can be cooked in multiple ways, such as baking, frying, grilling, and boiling, so it’s also enjoyable to taste these fish with different cooking styles.

El Cotillo. Fuerteventura. |© Els / Flickr

Which local dish in Fuerteventura is appealing to you the most? These varieties of local dishes will make you satisfied more and make your trip unforgettable. If you are looking for fun excursions in Fuerteventura or if you are planning to visit there with your children, these are also great references to check.

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