Traditional holidays of Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura is charming. In addition to its beaches, its landscapes and its gastronomy, you can’t miss its traditional festivities which have been passed down in Fuerteventura generation to generation.

Through the events and holidays of Fuerteventura, you can learn more about the culture and see the value that locals give to their traditions. Thus, each town of Fuerteventura has in its calendar a popular event and its inhabitants celebrate some great ancient fiestas. In each village holiday, people decorate the streets and participate in the celebrations.

The Fuerteventura Carnival

The Fuerteventura Carnival is one of the most popular holidays in all the Canary Islands. It is celebrated at several locations in Fuerteventura between February and March. Some of the most outstanding carnivals take place in Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario and Gran Tarajal.

During the carnival, you will be excited by the colourful decorations, the music, the costumes, the dances and the parade itself, and you will naturally get into the rhythm of the band of street musicians and the brilliant steps of the groups of dancers with their colourful costumes made of feathers. This carnival is also held in Lanzarote during the period, you can enjoy it there, too.

The Feast of the Virgin of Carmen

The sailors of Corralejo have the Virgen del Carmen as their patron saint, and they entrust themselves to it when they go out to the sea. Every year, on July 16, the fishermen carry out a procession by the land and the sea in a tribute to the saint to ask for her protection. Their devotion was so strong, that at the beginning of the 20th century, a small monument of the Virgin was constructed on a hill, visible from the sea.

The celebration begins with a religious service. At first, the Virgin is carried through the streets of the town, accompanied by locals and settlers, and then it’s brought to the bay and into a ship that will sail around the coast followed by a marine procession of many boats. The music, traditional outfits and folk dances of this town are lively during the procession.

The Romería de la Peña

The third Saturday of September is the most important religious festival on the island of Fuerteventura, where the Virgen de la Peña, patron saint of the locals, is honoured. People gather from all points of the island to the monument of La Virgen de La Peña in Vega de Río and participate in the procession. The Romería de la Vega was declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest of the island’s nature in 2007.

During this holiday, you can see open-air dances and cultural and musical events. As it is a celebration of a religious nature, activities are carried out in honour of the Virgin, such as the pilgrim’s mass on Friday night and the procession with the image of the Virgin on Saturday.

Romería Ofrenda en Honor a Nuestra Señora de la peña|© Paulino Rivero Baute / Flickr

The Feasts of the Virgin of the Rosary

From October 1 to 7th, the celebration of its patron saint, Virgen del Rosario, takes place at Puerto del Rosario. During this festival, you can participate in numerous activities, concerts, and festivals. Also, you can enjoy a delicious local cuisine.

During the time of these holidays, you can participate in concerts, festivals and even a pilgrimage where you can taste the delicious local gastronomy and enjoy the chords of the typical songs of the place.

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