How to get to Lobos Island and everything it offers

Have you ever heard of an island named after sea lions (or sea wolves)? This island is called Lobos Island and is located 2 km from the coast of Fuerteventura and 8 km from Lanzarote. One of the greatest charms of this island is that once you step onto it, you will experience its attractiveness and a pure nature. Also, if you are looking for something unique to post on social media, this island will offer you many chances to do so.

How to get to Lobos Islands

There are several ways to reach Lobos Island. Some are more adventurous, and others are more traditional. You can choose the way to discover the island that suits you best.

First of all, kayaking from Fuerteventura to Lobos will be one option if you are used to kayaking in the sea. The distance between Corralejo and Lobos is about 5 kilometres.

If you like to swim and are in fact a good swimmer, you have an option to join the swimming event called XX Travesía, which is held every October. In this annual event, people swim from Fuerteventura, Corralejo to Lobos Island and compete with each other for the title of the fastest swimmer. This would be one of the most memorable experience in your life. The record for the crossing so far is 32,31 minutes, and it was set by Cristian Heinin in 2004.

On the other hand, the most typical and reasonable way to get to Lobos Island is to choose an excursion from Marina Rubicón (Lanzarote). This excursion is a 6-hour trip and it includes round trip tickets and some great services, such as delicious food and water activities. Of course, you will have some free time to enjoy the nature in Lobos Island.

Discover Lobos Island

Lobos Island is known as one of the natural reserves of Canary Islands, and since it’s registered as a national park, its environment has been strictly conserved.

As you get to Lobos, you will be surprised by its beautiful nature. Lobos is well-known for being home to some exceptional flora and fauna. More than 20 species of birds are known to be breeding in Lobos and some of them are very rare, such as the barn owl and the Egyptian vulture. Also, there are more than 100 species of plants there and some of them only exist in Lobos Island.

There are much more natural wonders in Lobos Island, like a mountain called La Caldera and a spectacular beach called La Concha Beach. Explore the island and find out about different things you can do on Isla de Lobos.

Are you ready to travel Lobos Island? This island is full of lovely and beautiful places. Once you get to know this island, you will be attracted and won’t be able to stop taking photos.

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