Best kayak adventures in La Graciosa

What kind of activities do you want to try once you arrive at a beautiful island called La Graciosa? This island is pretty small, yet one of the best islands to enjoy water activities due to the beauty of the sea. Here we are going to tell you about how to enjoy kayaking in La Graciosa.

If you are interested in other activities, you can enjoy diving activities in the beautiful sea or you can explore the whole island by cycling. Don’t miss this chance!

The best kayak spot in La Graciosa

If you are planning to try kayaking in La Graciosa, the best beach for it is the beach of Caleta de Sebo town. This is the most popular beach for tourists, and many kinds of water activities including kayak are offered. Once you start kayaking there, you will be able to see pure beauty of the sea.

Kayaking by yourself?

If you have good kayaking skills and want to explore La Graciosa by kayak, the best choice is to make a reservation for rental kayak through rental kayak companies’ websites before visiting. In most of the cases, you can choose half day or full day plan for rental kayak, so you will have enough time to explore the island.

In addition, if you are thinking that you want to try kayaking in many different areas, it’s an option to use Kayak transfer service offered by some rental kayak companies. They will bring you to the best places for kayak in La Graciosa and will take care of the transportation.

majorero|© Martí Vicente / Flickr

Joining the group kayak activities?

If you are a beginner of kayaking and want to learn how to paddle it, it’s much better to join kayaking activities offered by some companies. It is because you can enjoy kayaking in the beautiful sea while learning some basic kayak skills. Also, even if you have good kayak skills, it’s possible to join kayak activities. The benefit of joining activities is that you don’t need to make a reservation to rent a kayak by yourself and, instead, you just need to join the activity. Typically, you can book these activities online.

In addition, if you are planning to visit La Graciosa from La Lanzarote, it’s best to take an excursion which includes ferry tickets between these two islands and even delicious paella. Moreover, if you want to spend more time in La Graciosa, it’s good to take another excursion which also includes ferry tickets and offers a chance to visit another location of La Graciosa, Playa Francesa, in addition to Caleta de Sebo.

What to bring?

Whether you choose kayaking by yourself or joining kayaking activities, it’s recommended to bring at least a change of clothes, towel and sunscreen.

Once you experience water activities in La Graciosa, you will be amazed by the authentic beautifulness of the sea.

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