La Geria, the landscape of Lanzarote that will awaken your senses

The Geria is located in the southwest of the Lanzarote island and it is one of the most spectacular areas of the archipelago of the Canary Islands – a protected natural space that stands out for its volcanic character. It is the ground of ash that was created with the eruptions of the Timanfaya in the decade of the 30 of the XVIII century. In short, it is a landscape that will awaken your sense.

The taste and the smell. Volcanic wine grown on a lunar farm.

This is a special unique place, and it is also a vineyard. La Geria, despite its characteristic lunar landscape, has been used for the production of wine. In fact, it is the largest area of Lanzarote where the vine is planted, mainly in its Malvasia variety.

The grape for production of the wine of La Geria is born between ashes and lava rich in minerals. This grape takes advantage of the contrast of temperatures and humidity of the trade winds that retain the volcanic stone, known as ‘lapilli’. The vine is planted in sand, that is, in peculiar holes with a wall that protects the fruit from the wind and the sun.

Its cultivation form is unique in the whole world. Together with the fact that it grows in a mantle of black earth, it makes viticulture in Lanzarote special. The grape harvest takes place between the months of July and August. These cultivation practices provide us mainly with the spectacular white wines with golden reflections and intense aroma of fruit tones. Only 10% of these wines are exported to the peninsula.

Currently there are 13 functioning wineries; La Geria, El Grifo and Rubicón are the most significant ones of this natural valley, and they are open for visiting. For example, in the Bodega La Geria, La Geria winery, you can taste the dried malvasía or muscatel liqueur. In addition, there is tapas and wine restaurant El Chupadero near this winery. On its quiet terrace overlooking the Timanfaya, you can enjoy an intimate evening, or try your tapas menu in the spacious armchairs inside.

The most historical winery of the island, El Grifo, was founded in 1775 and has been awarded on many occasions, nationally and internationally, for the excellence of its wine. This winery includes among its facilities a Wine Museum with more than 3000 collection pieces including machineries and writings of the sixteenth century.

The view and the sound. Hiking trails.

The protected landscape of La Geria is bordering the Timanfaya National Park, a wonderful place for excursions that will not leave you indifferent.

La Asomada – La Geria

From the village of La Asomada you can take several routes to explore and discover the beauty of the area. The excursions would last more or less two and a half hours. For example, you can take a circular route if you go to the road between Masdache and La Geria, an ideal plan to go with your family, as the route is not too complicated.

It is a half hour of trail that crosses the most spectacular stage where the combination of colours of the earth and the sky will captivate you. The blues, ochres, reds and blacks combine in a volcanic landscape that you cannot miss if you are a lover of nature. Remember to go prepared and wear comfortable shoes.

Uga – Tegoyo

This route connects the towns and it makes it one of the most attractive trails in Lanzarote. If, for example, you start your hike in Tegoyo, town of the municipality of Tías, you will see the first one of all the rural buildings that will take you to the beautiful landscape of Gaida and you will pass by Montaña Tinasoria.

The route is about 7 kilometres, and if you take a calm pace, for around three hours you will enjoy the scenery of black earth illuminated by the sun and the furrows with vines that produce the spectacular wine of Lanzarote. It is a place where tranquility and nature breathe through all the pores.