Do you know La Graciosa beaches? Discover the Top 5!

The island of La Graciosa is truly a paradise. And if you even discover its beautiful beaches, you will never want to leave the eighth island of the Canary archipelago. Today we show you the top 5 beaches that, although they aren’t the most famous, there lies its advantage, since they’re not as busy as others and in them you can find a place of calm to enjoy your holidays.

Baja del Ganado beach, a wild place with views of Montaña Clara

We can say that Playa Baja del Ganado is a beach of contrasts. The colours of its turquoise waters and white sand collide in a spectacular way with the intense black colour of the volcanic rocks that are found in a disorderly way along the shore. We say it’s a wild beach because it doesn’t have any kind of service and in order to access there, you have to walk. But don’t worry because it’s easy!

But, if we have to choose something of this beach, that will be its incredible views of Montaña Clara. Montaña Clara is an uninhabited island that is part of the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park, the largest marine reserve in Europe. From Playa Baja del Ganado you can also see Alegranza, another islet located north of the island of La Graciosa.

Playa del Ámbar, a spectacular dune landscape

Playa del Ámbar is also known as Lambra Beach. It’s a beach where there are strong currents of water, so bathing can be dangerous on windy days. This one is a very rough beach with clear waters and, in the same way that Playa Baja del Ganado, is characterized by the contrasts of its white sand and volcanic rocks of great size that we find in the area.

Being surrounded by large sand dunes, this beach makes us feel in full nature, since it’s a virgin area where tourists just arrive.

There is a bicycle or walking route between Playa de las Conchas and Playa del Ámbar, which are separated by Los Arcos, a rock formation to which the sea and the wind have been giving shape over the years.

It should be noted that Las Conchas Beach also stands out for its beauty and is a well-known point of interest on the island of La Graciosa, although it’s more crowded than Playa del Ámbar.

Caleta de Pedro Barba, the quietest beach in La Graciosa

Do you know the Houses of Pedro Barba? It’s the second urban nucleus of La Graciosa, although it’s only inhabited during the high season, so we can still say that Caleta de Sebo is the only urban nucleus of the island. This is a place worth discovering because, if you visit it during the autumn or winter months, you will find it desolate and the landscape is very peculiar. Near the Houses of Pedro Barba, as you have already imagined, we find the cove of Pedro Barba.

La Caleta de Pedro Barba is one of the quietest areas of La Graciosa. Being small and far from the urban centre of Caleta de Sebo, you will be practically alone in this piece of paradise. You have to know that in this area you won’t find any type of tourist service, since it’s a very desolate area, especially outside the summer season.

Playa El Salado, a beach in Bahía del Salado

In the southern area of La Graciosa, we find a group of beaches known as Bahía del Salado. El Salado Beach has taken the name of this area and is the perfect place to admire the wonderful Yellow Mountain (Montaña Amarilla). El Salado Beach is rocky, but its turquoise waters make it worth visiting. Don’t forget to bring proper water shoes.

Montaña Amarilla is a volcano that has taken this name because of its intense yellow-coloured rocks that form it. This volcano has a height of 172 metres, making it one of the highest points of the island.

La Cocina Beach

If you want to observe more closely the Yellow Mountain Volcano, you must get to Playa de La Cocina, because this cove rests just at the foot of the cliffs of yellow rocks. The contrast of colours between the turquoise waters that bathe the shore and the yellow of the volcano is indescribable. La Cocina Beach is one of the most recommended in La Graciosa, but it’s not very busy.

There is a route that begins in Caleta de Sebo and concludes at La Cocina Beach (also known as Montaña Amarilla Beach). There are 10 kilometres including the return and, because of the beauty of the place and the ease of the route, it’s worth enjoying this excursion. You can make this route on foot or by bicycle.

Caleta de Sebo, an urban fishing village and Playa de La Laja

We couldn’t stop mentioning Caleta de Sebo, the only urban centre inhabited throughout the year in La Graciosa. It’s the point where ferries arrive from Lanzarote and the key point of the island where you can find any service you need, from restaurants to accommodation or supermarkets.

From Caleta de Sebo you can start several excursions to other points of the island and rent a bicycle if you want to practice cycling around the beautiful island of La Graciosa.

In Caleta de Sebo we find La Laja Beach, ideal for all your family members, since its waters are calm and safe. Although it’s one of the busiest on the island, it’s worth mentioning for its beauty and the services it offers.

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