La Graciosa cycling routes. Explore the paradise.

Are you on holiday in Lanzarote and you’re willing to have new experiences? Then you’re lucky, because La Graciosa -the largest island of the Chinijo archipelago- is an ideal place for you. Discover it on two wheels. La Graciosa is perfect for cycling. It has 29 square kilometres and two small urban centers, Caleta de Sebo and Pedro Barba. The whole island is part of a protected area as a Natural Park and its landscape is simply spectacular.

You can reach this natural paradise by ferry and transport your own bicycle without costs, or rent a bike when you get there. There are several businesses dedicated to it. We propose you two beautiful routes for cycling. Whichever you choose, we are sure you will love it.

South Route

Our first and shortest proposal is the one that goes from Caleta de Sebo, the port of entry to the island, to La Francesa beach. This route is only about 3 kilometres, but along it you will really feel the peace and tranquillity that the north route of this small island provides.

The trail is ascending and follows the coastline practically throughout the itinerary. The views are beautiful. Upon reaching Lagunita and Baja de la Peña, the road separates slightly to divert the stagnant waters. A few meters more from last point you will reach Punta de la Herradura, where there is a place to park bicycles. From here you can walk to La Francesa, because at this point ends the authorized way to means of transport. Don’t worry; it will take you just a few minutes.

Relax and spread your towel on this paradisiac beach with crystal clear water and allow yourself the luxury of disconnecting.

North Route

This proposal consists of a circular route of about 15 kilometres much softer than the previous one. The road is longer but the difficulty is lower. The starting point is also from Caleta de Sebo and the itinerary skirts the peaks of Las Agujas and Montaña Bermeja.

This tour begins with a track that takes you to the plain of La Marleta, and from there, starts the circular path. You can go to the west coast of the island, the Bermeja Mountain area, or to the east, where is the second town of the island, Pedro Barba. Along the circuit you will pass through several beaches, such as Las Conchas beach, Ambar beach or Pedro Barba small cove.

The road has several descents and climbs, but it is not very difficult. It is nice and allows you to explore the island without missing a detail. But you should always keep in mind that you are in a protected area and never leave the trail. Don’t step on the vegetation and don’t disturb the fauna. Avoid making noises that disrupt their tranquillity and remember that you are in a unique space with great ecological value.

Discovering La Graciosa by bicycle is a fantastic option, although you should take some precautions, especially if you are travelling with children. You must bring enough water because there is not a single source on the island and the only place to buy drinks is in Caleta de Talbo. Be proactive and carry several litres in your backpack. Also don’t forget to protect your skin with a high spf cream and wear a hat to avoid sunstroke. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that transpire too.

If you are a true adventurer, visiting La Graciosa by bicycle is a fantastic experience. You will feel the freedom and the sea breeze in every pore of your skin. In addition to being an eco-friendly alternative, exercising will make you feel good about yourself. Are you willing to try it?