La Graciosa, the ideal island for a family trip

A family trip to La Graciosa will be a very clever decision for your vacation. You won’t regret the experience you will live with your loved ones in one of the quietest islands of the Canarian archipelago.

Although the island is quiet, you have fantastic activities to share with the people you love the most.
You and your family are going to live an outstanding experience from the moment you embark for La Graciosa until the time you return to your port of origin.

Explore the island by bicycle or walking

The best option to move around La Graciosa is by bicycle, it is an appropriate mean of transport for the sandy roads and, in addition, it is a sustainable option of mobility suitable for an island of this kind.
As the streets of La Graciosa are sandy, take this detail into account when you choose the footwear to discover its streets.

In the rental shops it is possible to find the bicycle that best suits the route you are going to make while the staff will provide you useful information about the routes you can explore and that are appropriate to the conditions of your family group. The north side of the island is the easiest area to discover with this mean of transport.

Mobility by bike will allow you to go at your own pace. But keep in mind that bringing enough water and snacks for everybody is essential to not get exhausted during the ride. And wear sunscreen and hats!

Moving around La Graciosa with the kids by taxi

If there is a family member who doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle or if your children are too young for this experience, you can take advantage of a taxi service. Taxis in La Graciosa are all-terrain vehicles prepared for its type of paths while their drivers can tell you stories and curiosities about the best journeys and places to visit.

You can choose a whole tour, which will take you to different beaches on the island or ask to be taken to a specific place and then be picked up at the agreed time. Moreover, younger children will have a lot of fun with the waving of the SUV in the sand.

Beaches to visit with your family

Without any doubts, the must-see places in La Graciosa are its beaches. The ideal shores to visit with young kids are La Francesa, located in the southern area of the island, and La Cocina, a protected beach at the foot of the Yellow Mountain, only ten minutes away one from each other. These beaches are ideal places for diving, snorkelling, sunbathing and relaxing.

Caleta de Sebo is another very quiet beach which, in addition, is located in the village proximity giving you full access to its restaurants, bars, pharmacies, etc.

Sport competitions for children

The Cabildo de Lanzarote, organizes every year the sporting event ‘Desafío Octava Isla’, between the months of February and March. This extreme sports competition invites athletes who are trained for Cross-Triathlon and Trail. This event, which gathers hundreds of athletes, also has a call dedicated to children and young people between 5 and 16 years old.

Another competition for the most adventurous kids is the La Graciosa Trail Kids which takes place in Caleta de Sebo.
According to competitors age, there are categories with different routes and degrees of difficulty. This competition attracts every year many children to participate in the recreational activities that take place during the games. At the end of the day there will be a draw for participants.

If you’re willing to visit La Graciosa during these months, check the calendar of the next edition of La Graciosa Trail Kids and sign up your children, they’re going to love it!

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