Lago Verde and Los Hervideros, incredible landscapes to see in Lanzarote

One of Lanzarote’s wonders of nature I sLago Verde, also known by residents as Charco Verde or Laguna de los Clicos, it is its true name. It is located in the Los Volcanoes Natural Park that surrounds the Timanfaya National Park in the town of El Golfo, in the south of the island of Lanzarote.

Lago Verde is a half moon shaped lagoon, with waters of spectacular green tones, hence its popular name. This color the lake obtained due to the sinfín of minerals (mainly sulfur) and to the great amount of microorganisms (like the species of seaweed Marine Ruppia) that, according to the experts, can be found only in this place and they live underneath the surface of the green lake.

In this area there are some semiprecious stones that we will hardly find anywhere else. It is the olivinas minerals, which the artisans of the place use to create jewels.

Its real name, as we have said, is Laguna de los Clicos. It is said that this name comes from the fact that in the past the area was full of seafood called clicos. The clicos were edible and it is said that they became extinct due to two turtles that someone released in this area of El Golfo.

Although it is not surprising, we should mention that Lago Verde is a protected area and, therefore, it is not allowed to bathe in it. Your entry to the area is free. In front of the lagoon, you will find a black sand beach. Undoubtedly, it is a contrast of colours worthy of admiration. You must bear in mind that it is very dangerous to bathe in the beach area.

The Volcanoes Natural Park

The Green Lake is located in what we know as Los Volcanes Natural Park. This protected area has 10,158 hectares of natural wonders and belongs to the municipalities of Tinajo, Tías and Yaiza. Los Volcanos Natural Park is surrounded by the famous Timanfaya National Park. This landscape is the result of the last volcanic eruptions in Lanzarote. When the lava solidified, very peculiar formations were created that offer a volcanic landscape unlike any other.

As expected, it is a very arid area with little vegetation in the new solidifications, but it is the perfect place to observe birds and meet different species of reptiles.

The Hervideros, where the sea 'boils'

In times when the sea is wild, you cannot miss the natural show that happens in Los Hervidores. Los Hervidores – The Kettles – is where the sea ‘boils’, when it hits furiously against the caves that will spread under your feet. The lava caves are hit hard by the waves and the impact gives the impression that the water is boiling. Do not forget to take the camera!

The Hervideros are located only 2 km away from Lago Verde and, similarly, the visit is free, since this area is open to the public. If you are traveling with children, you should take extreme precautions, since bad weather at sea is dangerous.

El Golfo, an amphitheatre overlooking the ocean

As we have said, La Laguna de los Ciclos is located in the area known as El Golfo, which is shaped in a form of an amphitheatre and is facing the ocean. The Gulf was formed in the year 1730, thanks to the strong eruptions that took place in the area. In fact, the Gulf is a part of the crater of the volcano and has gotten its current form by the strong wind and erosion of the ocean waves, staying at the foot of the sea with Lago Verde located on the same crater. This is one of the few examples of what is known as hydro volcanism. Incredible!

North of Lago Verde, we find a fishing village named El Golfo. This is the perfect place to taste delicious fresh fish.

If you want to enjoy a full day visiting this incredible area of the island of Lanzarote, find out about our excursion Volcano Express. We will be waiting for you!