Lanzarote beaches you have to visit at least once in your life

It’s inevitable to picture paradisiacal beaches when we talk about the Canary Islands, isn’t it? If, in addition, we focus on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, our imagination may have no limits. And this is because in Lanzarote we found some of the most incredible beaches of the whole archipelago. Let’s see some of them!

Famara Beach, a paradise of 6 kilometres

From the Famara Beach you will enjoy spectacular views of the Island of La Graciosa and Alegranza. It’s the perfect beach for any plan you have: a relaxing day, family games, a picnic… And it’s also very easy to park in this area, even during the summer season!

You also have the option to rest from the sun and sand at lunchtime and go to the nearby town of Caleta de Famara to enjoy a fresh fish dish. Afterwards, return to the beach and admire how the sun sets. It’s important to bear in mind that in this area the water currents are strong and you should be careful when swimming.

Being a wide beach, this area is also perfect for those who want to practice water sports such as kitesurfing. In addition, there are surf schools in the zone, in case you want to practice this sport. You can find these schools in the town of Caleta de Famara.

Los Charcones, natural pools near Playa Blanca

Yes, you read it right. In Lanzarote you can bathe in real natural pools. In this area, called Los Charcones, the sea has penetrated between lava rocks to stay, forming what in Lanzarote is also known as puddles.

This is an unknown area, so if you want to find a place without tourist crowds, Los Charcones is your perfect destination. Relax in the crystal clear waters, perfect for the whole family on a day without swell. Although, as always, you should exercise extreme caution when bathing in any beach in Lanzarote, because the swell can be treacherous.

There are several pools that you will find, of different depths and also of easier or more difficult access. Try to get to all them! And where is this little paradise? Very close to the well-known tourist area of Playa Blanca but, as we have said, it seems to be far from everything.

Los Caletones, a group of coves near Órzola

Los Caletones are formed by several coves that emerge from the lava remains of a volcano, known as Volcán de la Corona. From its shore you can see the beautiful islet of Alegranza. Although it may not look like it due to the volcanic landscape, in Los Caletones you will find fine sand and calm waters. There are shallow swimming areas thanks to the sea water that enters between the rocks that naturally have been installed in certain points of these coves.

Of course, we recommend you to visit Puerto de Órzola, since you will be very close to it. There you can enjoy a typical Canarian dish in one of its restaurants, specializing in fresh fish and seafood.

It can also be interesting to know that ferries leave from Puerto de Órzola to the eighth Canary Island, La Graciosa. You have different ways of visiting this beautiful, almost virgin island –only 25 minutes from Lanzarote by ferry! You can book a ferry or ’La Graciosa a tu aire’ excursion and enjoy your free time on this island. But, if you want to sail on a luxurious catamaran to La Graciosa and enjoy various activities in its waters, book the complete tour of I Love La Graciosa.

Las Malvas beach, a black sand cove of Timanfaya

Las Malvas is one of the few beaches in Lanzarote where you will find black sand. In addition, the sand of this beautiful cove comes from the erosion of the volcanic rocks of Timanfaya. You can access Playa Las Malvas from the town of Tinajo. Don’t worry, since the road is well signposted and it’s only about 5 kilometres from the centre and you can get there by car and find easy parking.

This beach isn’t very crowded, so if you are looking to get away from tourism areas, here you will find the ideal corner. But you have to know that it’s a cove barely 300 meters long.

We recommend you to wear shoes suitable for rocks, since the seabed is full of rocks that can make you uncomfortable. Although it’s a windy area, it’s safe to swim at Playa Las Malvas, although, as always, we recommend caution and no to enter the water if you see the sea is rough.

Bañadero de Guatiza, 50 meters of beauty

It’s the perfect place to rest peacefully during your holidays. It’s a small cove located in the town of Guatiza, from which it takes its name. With just 50 meters long, this cove is so sheltered by the stones that surround it that its waters are normally calm, as it’s protected from the strong winds of the area. In addition, you will find a wooden platform where you can go to sunbathe comfortably.

Of course, we cannot forget Playa Blanca and the Papagayo beaches, two of the best known in this little paradise. You can read about them in the following blog posts:

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