Snorkelling in La Graciosa – the experience

What can be more inspiring, fun and, at the same time, a true learning experience about marine life, than swimming in a natural place where the transparent water houses an magnificent marine fauna. Snorkelling in La Graciosa is the activity that will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy that wonderful experience.

La Graciosa –a marine paradise suitable for everyone

La Graciosa has many things to show off: beautiful landscapes, wonderful climate, crystal clear waters, natural and wild state, but also an unquestionable calm. This island, located north of Lanzarote offers visitors a unique tranquillity experience, where it’s possible to completely disconnect from the world and break away from daily routines.

In this island the conservation of natural state prevails. The hand of man is barely present in a small urban point, Caleta de Sebo, where ferries from the Port of Órzola (Lanzarote) arrive.

And one of its great features, La Graciosa white and golden sandy beaches with stunning crystal clear turquoise waters, provide the perfect home for an exotic marine biodiversity. A fauna and flora that can even be admired from the coast, an experience which provides an excellent opportunity to turn children into true discoverers of natural marine treasures and, for adults, to relax and enjoy themselves.

Additionally, La Graciosa waters are located within the Chinijo Archipelago Marine Reserve, a protected space where unspoilt and unique landscapes predominate, and where marine species live in the same calm and peace inherent in the island’s inhabitants.

The ideal beaches in La Graciosa for snorkelling

First, you will need to bear in mind that since the island is rather small, it’s not paved so, in order to move from one beach to the other, you would have to walk, ride a bike or rent a taxi-jeep. Either way, don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated and your swimsuit, flip flops, sun protection and, of course, glasses and snorkel to have some fun! But, where to go? 

Caleta de Sebo Beach

This is the first beach you will meet when arriving from Lanzarote by ferry. It’s the closest to the single village in the island, and because of that you will have on hand plenty of services, such as restaurants, bars, pharmacy, bike rental shop and a diving centre. 

Caleta de Sebo, also known as La Laja, is a windless golden sandy beach, perfect if you’re seeking for peace, but it’s also ideal for the whole family. 

In this beach you will be able not only to take a dip, but also to ride a kayak. And remember not to miss the chance to taste some of their typical seafood dishes offered in the bars and restaurants of this fishing village. 

But if you want to explore more areas and go deep into the island to find even quieter beaches? In this case you can continue to the next beach, La Francesa.

La Francesa Beach

This beach, also located southern La Graciosa island, is the closest to Caleta de Sebo. Therefore, La Francesa Beach is only 50 minutes away by foot or about 20 minutes by bike.

With fine white sand and turquoise and calm waters, it is a very beautiful beach and ideal for putting on glasses, snorkelling and water! There you will also be able to enjoy an absolute tranquillity, as well as spectacular views of Lanzarote’s Famara cliff. Moreover, boat anchorage is allowed on this beach, so if you prefer booking a catamaran excursion, you will also be getting to this great enclave.

La Cocina Beach in the Yellow Mountain

Just 10 minutes’ walk from La Francesa beach you will also find La Cocina cove, a small enclave right at the foot of Montaña Amarilla –the Yellow Mountain.

The colour contrast in this cove is simply amazing. The yellow, ochre and reddish colours of the mountain face green and turquoise colours of ocean touching white sand. A picture perfect landscape!

This cove is also sheltered from the currents and surrounded by animal-based sand, perfect features when all you want to do is discover the treasures hiding in its waters. Although beware of the sun! This cove is also sheltered from the wind, and even if you can find some shadows right at the foot of Montaña Amarilla, it’s still the hottest place of the island.

Discover the marine fauna in La Graciosa

La Graciosa Marine Reserve is home of a great diversity of marine species, a protected habitat where they can live peacefully. The marine flora and fauna richness of this area is the most important in Lanzarote.

La Graciosa seabed has golden coral and an incalculable variety of fish and molluscs. In addition, this beautiful marine environment has been considered a site of great scientific interest, with species yet to be discovered.

Some of these wonders can be appreciated right from the seashore, but you will discover more the flora and fauna by snorkelling. With no-doubt, what you will see through the snorkelling goggles will amazed you.

Take a ferry to La Graciosa

To get to La Graciosa you must embark on one of the ferries that depart from Lanzarote’s town – Órzola. About 25 minutes later, you will be disembarking in Caleta de Sebo port. From there, if you want, you can explore this spectacular island on your own, or, as we said before, enjoying the catamaran experience that will take you to border the island, where you will also be learning about its history, traditions and customs.

If you want to live this experience, take your snorkel, put on your swimsuit, flip flops and sun protection. When you are ready, Líneas Romero will wait for you to take you to La Graciosa.

If you want to live this experience, take your snorkel, put on your swimsuit, flip flops and sun protection. When you are ready, Líneas Romero will wait for you to take you to La Graciosa.

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