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Sporting events in Fuerteventura in 2019

Líneas Romero

Sport in Fuerteventura is celebrated with the events that are organized every year, internationally, nationally and regionally. If you like outdoor sports, this island is ideal for your practice because of its spring weather lasts all year. Sign up for upcoming sporting events in Fuerteventura.

2nd edition of the Ocean Lava Puerto del Rosario - Triathlon Fuerteventura

April 7th, 2019 the Second Triathlon of Ocean Lava will take place in Puerto del Rosario. This competition is held in the centre of Puerto del Rosario. The swimming route consists of 1.5 km in the waters of Playa Chica, the 40 km bike ride takes place along the roads of the municipality and the last 10 km of the crossing on foot takes place on Avenida Marítima del Puerto.

Bestial Race - Obstacle course

May 18th, the fourth edition of the Bestial Race Fuerteventura takes place in Fuerteventura.

It is an extreme racing competition with obstacles, where the resistance, agility, speed and strength of the participants are put to the test. The route of the races has its layout by beaches, desert mountains and other obstacles.

There are three modalities with different paths and levels of complexity, some can be done by teams. The Bestial Hell modality consists of a race of more than 5 km with at least 20 obstacles. The Bestial Trex modality is a route of approximately 9km with a minimum of 25 obstacles, according to those athletes who have more practice in obstacle courses. Finally, Bestial Elite is a highly demanding race for more experienced athletes, where competitors must cover approximately 9km and with a minimum of 20 obstacles, with the difference that in this modality, the participant cannot receive help and are disqualified if they do not overcome all the obstacles.

For this year, a new modality has been added in pairs, the H2H modality.Test your resistance and prepare to get muddy, sweat and have fun. To sign up, go to the event website.

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III Half Marathon Des Sables Fuerteventura

Between September 22md and 29th 2019, the Half Marathon Des Sables Fuerteventura takes place. This marathon runs between deserts, volcanic areas and beaches, between roads, little visible in some sections, gravel, earth stones, sand, ravine bottoms, etc. The self-sufficiency and resistance of the marathoners is put to the test, in a 120-km route divided into 3 stages. The first day of the competition the route is 30km, the second 65km and the third and last stage 25km. There is also a race adapted for walkers where a total of 95km will be covered.

 Windsurf and Kitesurf World Cup 2019

The sea is also the protagonist of sporting events of Fuerteventura. The most important and recognized worldwide event is the Windsurfing and Kitesurfing World Championship that takes place every year between the months of July and August. This year, it will its 34th edition.

The star athletes of these disciplines come to this competition, and it is an event where you can not only enjoy watching the professionals surf the waves in a dizzying competition, but also participate in the activities for the whole family that take place during the days of the competition, with live music, gastronomic specialties of the town, night parties, etc. 

Travesías a nado – swimming

If your passion is swimming, there are several competitions that are held in Fuerteventura, where you can test your strength of stroke in open water. The most known of these competitions is, surely, the Crossing Isla de Lobos - Fuerteventura that this year will make its 21st edition. The scheduled date for its realization is Sunday, October 13th 2019 and it is a competition that attracts stars of the world swimming. There are several modes that run different distances, the Popular Crossing of 1,300m, the Short Crossing of 3,400m and the Long Crossing of 7,000m.

In the previous edition, a new competition was launched, the El Reto Crossing. In this competition, the contestants leave from the beach of the small dock of Corralejo in Fuerteventura to the Isla de Lobos, they surround the island and return to Corralejo. This swim has a distance of 18 km, being a real test for those who have a highly competitive level in this discipline. This year, the II edition will be held on October 12th. Take advantage of your days in Corralejo, continue with your exercise plan and enjoy the activities that are proposed in the region.

III SwimRun Canarias Fuerteventura

This peculiar race that will take place on Sunday, October 13th 2019, in the town of Pájara, mixes running with swimming in open water. It is competed in pairs, linked by a rope, without refreshments, without change of clothing or equipment.

Swimmers who compete in this discipline, swim with the shoes on, run with the same swimwear, keep everything from the start of the competition to the finish line. The SwimRum takes place in the month of October and its objective is to foster teamwork and teamwork by confronting the contestants with the natural elements of the wonderful island of Fuerteventura.


If any of these disciplines are your specialty, you have time to prepare and sign up to carry out your passion for sports in Fuerteventura.

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