Where to surf in La Graciosa? Discover the best spots to enjoy the waves

La Graciosa is definitely a surfing paradise. Its weather, ideal all year round, and its powerful waves attract the most experienced surfers who are willing to practise their favourite sport in one of the jewels of the Canary Archipelago.

The best challenge for pro surfers

La Graciosa is a peaceful island where to relax all year round. Every person who visits this location agrees its golden sandy beaches with turquoise waters are fascinating.

As we said before, its temperature is ideal throughout the year, so there’s no need to wait for summer in order to practice surf. From October to April the sea temperature will be around 17 °C (63 °F) while between the months of July and October it will be over 20 °C (68 °F).

Many advanced surfers around the world choose this enclave due to its high quality waves. Then, if you are a beginner you should beware this is not a recommended place for you since there is no surf school on the island, although you could practice your skills if you come with pro surfers or surfing teachers.

Baja del Ganado

Located to the northwest of the island, very close to Las Conchas beach, you will find one of the best known spots for surf lovers.

Overlooking the islet of Alegranza and facing the open sea, Baja del Ganado is also known as “the wildest wave”. To get there from Caleta de Sebo you have to take a dirt road towards the north of the island.

The turquoise sea and volcanic bottom of Baja del Ganado sandy beach is wonderful and, without a doubt, invites you to easily enter the water.

The waves of this place are ideal for expert surfers, since they hit the sea with great force. Generally, the waves break better on the right, but it depends on the wind direction. If conditions are right, the waves will come together offering you a great tube. In Baja del Ganado you will find the best waves from September to May.

Other spots to enjoy surfing in La Graciosa

This island has several beaches where you will be able to challenge the sea power with your surfboard, beaches that will also provide you the calm you need after practising your favourite sport.

Among the bests spots on the island we can name: La Francesa, Montaña Amarilla, El Corral, El Basurero, El Alambre and Pedro Barba. Each of these beaches offer different waves, subject to the whim of wind and tides.

As there are no roads in La Graciosa, getting to some of these beaches will be a bit difficult but it will definitely worthy. You will not regret it!

Make the most out of your trip to La Graciosa

Whenever you want to take a break from surfing and try something else you will also be able to tour around the island or taste the Canarian cuisine in the restaurants of Caleta de Cebo.

The island of La Graciosa has wonderful places to explore and excellent activities to enjoy throughout the year. For instance, you can discover the beauties of the island by bike from north to south, visit the Houses of Pedro Barba, hike through the Yellow Mountain, and much more…

If you want to explore, there are several routes to do both by bike and on foot. To the south of Caleta de Sebo you can travel the 3-kilometre route to the beach of La Francesa, where you will be able to lie in the sun and enjoy a good dip to the water. To the North, also starting from Caleta de Sebo, there is a 15-kilometre round path that will take you to border the Bermeja Mountain and Las Agujas. On the way you will find the second urban centre of La Graciosa, the picturesque village of Pedro Barba.

If you like virgin beaches the route will take you to Playa del Ámbar, also known as Playa de Lambra. Surrounded by large dunes, this white sand and volcanic rocks beach is separated from Las Conchas beach by a rock formation eroded by the wind and the sea called Los Arcos.

Moreover, if you prefer to spend time at sea you can also enjoy other water activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, diving on any of La Graciosa beaches. There is much to see in its waters, the rich marine fauna and flora of the island, which is actually a protected space, is unique.

You must keep in mind that La Graciosa island is a protected Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve and therefore, you must respect the trails and of course, also respect the fauna and flora of each place.

How to get to La Graciosa with your surfboard?

It is as easy as embarking on any of the ferries departing daily from Órzola, the coastal town in Lanzarote. You will be arriving in just 30 minutes to Caleta de Sebo, the urban centre of La Graciosa.

You can take your surfboard with no problems at all, as well as your pet, your bike and your luggage. You just have to decide when to travel and book.

Will you miss the waves of your dreams?