Tips for surfing in Fuerteventura

Every single surfer wants to find new challenges. They travel the world looking for adventure and unique places where the can catch the best waves. And this is the reason why they end up on Fuerteventura, eager to go surfing.

However, surfing in Fuerteventura is not just for professionals. It is also for those who want to start practicing this water sport or even for those who have already tried it at some point and want to improve their skills. Everyone can try surfing in Fuerteventura. Are you up for it?

Waves throughout the year for surfing on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the perfect island for sports like surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

On the island you can go surfing throughout the year. Nevertheless, you will find different levels of difficulty depending on the season and the meteorological or geographical conditions of the area. This means that you will always find excellent surfing conditions, but you might have to move from one side of the island depending on the weather. This special feature enables you to go to the opposite side of the island to practice any of these sports. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you head out surfing!

The north is the place where you can find different beaches close to each other. This will allow you to quickly move from one to another if you wish to do so.

Thanks to its climate, Fuerteventura hosts the Windsurf & Kitesurf World Cup every year, a competition that gathers many of the big international names within the sports.

Tips for beginner surfers

Getting to the beaches in Fuerteventura for surfing means facing the sea and wind with ability and strength.

If you are a beginner, you will need to have some considerations in mind before surfing. We advise you to try a surfing school to learn the basics in order to surf safely. It’s better to be well prepared for surfing to be an enjoyable challenge. But if you decide to go alone you should know the basic rules and keep in mind some tips such as:

1. Look for a suitable beach according to your skills. Before starting, you must know where to go depending on your level. A beach suitable for a professional might not be suitable for beginner.  

The best spots for beginners in Fuerteventura are: El Cotillo, Majanicho, El Moro, Corralejo, and Playa Blanca; and for advanced surfers El Muelle, Generoso, Rocky Point, Mejillón, and Los Lobos.

2. Mind your surfboard & wax.

If you do not have a board, you can rent one in most surf shops on Fuerteventura where you can also pick up some advised from professionals. For beginners we recommend soft boards like Foam Boards or Soft Tops, as they are lighter.

Additionally, there are different types of wax depending on the water temperature. You will need to put some of this wax on the board in order to improve the grasp of the feet that will help you keeping the balance.  

3. Practice outside the water and then on the shore.

How to go to Fuerteventura with your surfing board

If you are surfing in Lanzarote, you can also travel with your board to try the excellent waves of Fuerteventura.

From Playa Blanca – in Lanzarote – you can get a ferry to Corralejo – in Fuerteventura –. Lineas Romero offers you several departure times and the journey takes about 30 minutes, in case you want to come back the same day. But if you can why not spend some more time there and take the opportunity to enjoy Fuerteventura’s landscapes. You can book online anytime, so bring your surfboard, your luggage and even your pet in case you have one.

You can also book excursions with Líneas Romero visiting Fuerteventura and enjoying dunes in the Dunes Natural Park of Corralejo.

Enjoy a wonderful day (or days) surfing in Fuerteventura and take your board. You won’t have any issues with Líneas Romero!

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