Discover the best spots to surf in Lanzarote

If you chose Lanzarote to practice surf, good news are that this is the right place to do it! The enchanting island of Lanzarote, belonging to Canary Islands, stands out for its welcoming weather, majestic volcanic landscapes and outstanding beaches.

If you are travelling with kids, take advantage of the many surf schools located across the island where skilled surf instructors will take care of baby tourists, for an unforgettable experience in Canary Islands.    

Depending on the chosen location, both experienced and beginner surfers will find in Lanzarote their corner of heaven where too spend days of fun, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the island.

The northern side of the island hosts the most famous surf spots suitable for experts while the internal coves are the best place to learn and practice this fascinating sport, for a true immersion in magical Lanzarote’s atmosphere.


Discover the breathtaking landscapes made of volcanic rock and white sands of Orzola area.
Here surfers can choose among beautiful spots like Caleta del Mero, Las Bajas or Playa de Canteria, blessed by the winds blowing from the north.
The natural features of Orzola and its low tide make it the ideal place to go for those who are still learning how to surf or training. 


A beautiful 6 km shore located in the north-east of the island, in the municipality of Teguise, where travelers can also find Caleta de Famara, a charming fishing village.           
This is one of the best-known beaches not only in Lanzarote but also in the Canary Islands. Its fame is given by its ideal weather conditions and sea currents, which allow to practice surf and other extreme water sports such as kite-surfing.
Famara Beach also offers many surf schools and hosts important competitions during the whole year.

San Juan

While visiting the part of the island around Famara don’t miss San Juan spot, another great location providing high left waves. San Juan is very popular among surfers thanks to the WQS and ASP championships that take place here and its competitions organized by local surf schools. To access it you can take the coastal road from Caleta de Famara to reach its small sandy and rocky beach. From here it is also possible to admire the island of La Graciosa and the cliffs of Famara. For the best possible outcome visit San Juan between the months of September and May.        

El Quemao

Located on the northwest coast of the island, this beach represents one of the best surf spots for experts in the world. Here you can find strong waves and deep tubes. Although it is famous for its left wave, El Quemao also opens to the right forming rapid waves to ride. The best conditions to surf in El Quemao occur between October and March, when surfers take advantage of the full tide and winds blowing from the south. After spending your day surfing, visitors can discover the close village of La Santa, with its great variety of restaurants, shops and services to rent or buy sport equipments.

La Santa

La Santa location, situated on the north-west coast of Lanzarote, is the perfect place for skilled surfers. Its 3 shores (left, right and center) promise impressive waves of great quality 365 days a year. Right and left sides provide powerful marine currents to make all types of evolutions. The central inlet is more sheltered, offering soft and longer waves for medium level surfers to try.


Located on the north-eastern side of Lanzarote, Arrieta is ready to welcome all surfers with its beaches made of black sand and big waves to enjoy.    
Surfing here is a fun beach break itself, but it could be recommended to experienced surfers only. Both left and right handers scattered along this famous beach. Arrieta has it all, being the ideal place to spend the day with plenty of restaurants and bars close to the beach as well as beach volleyball areas and football fields for those who prefer land sports.

Las Cucharas

Costa Teguise, on the eastern side of Lanzarote, is home of this surf spot where all surfers can fit easily thanks to the characteristics of its waters. The waves of Las Cucharas are generated from the left side where you can find a cliff close to the bay. Surfing in this location can be enjoyed all year round, but those who seek the perfect experience may visit it between May and August, when the winds coming from north east are more regular and stronger.

Whether you decide to enroll in a school and learn how to surf or bring your board to meet your adventure companions and discover the best spots of the island, Lanzarote has a tailor-made plan ready for you. Wear your wetsuit and get ready for fun!

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