Which are the best tapas in Corralejo and where to go to taste them

Traveling is not just about seeing wonderful landscapes, laying down your towel on the beach or discovering interesting spots. Traveling is also enjoying your destination’s gastronomy. So here’s how you will be able to find out about the best Corralejo spots to taste its delicacies, also known as ‘majorera’ gastronomy that you will find in Fuerteventura.

The island’s cuisine also includes the so famous small food portions called tapas. You most likely heard about them, so if you want to immerse in the fantastic world of Canarian style tapas, stay tuned and you’ll find out the best way to enjoy them in Corralejo..

Which are the best tapas in Corralejo

Tapas are very important appetizers in Spanish culture. Therefore, it’s usual to find places holding competitions to choose the best ones. In Fuerteventura, a jury of leading gastronomy specialists has recently chosen the best tapas of the year. Among the wonderful gastronomical jewels from Oliva district, they highlight Sama Ham – wrapped cheese cream marinated salmon, gofio texture baifo raviolis, and Canarian casserole.

Tapas from Corralejo are designed in order to enhance its local products. For instance, fishing tradition has also a special place among these delicacies with tapas such as casseroles with burgados a type of sea snail typical from Fuerteventura; fried pejines, similar to anchovies; or mojo verde limpets. Small portions where you will be able to taste the delicious flavour of the sea in each bite.

Additionally, tapas can be made out of a great variety of high quality island products – such as vegetables, fish or meat, and served either hot or cold. Goat’s meat, majorero cheeses, traditional gofio, red & green mojos, a wide range of fish and seafood, are just some of the mouth-watering ingredients that make tapas a delicious appetizer. 

Majorero pisto tapas, papas arrugadas with mojo, burgados casserole, gofio escaldado, roasted majorero cheese, Canary fried chorizo, octopus & vegetables salpicón, fried pejines, are some of the best tapas of Canary gastronomy. 

Where to eat the best tapas in Corralejo

After visiting the best attractions in Corralejo, like Corralejo Natural Park and its dunes, it will be time to relax and recover energy with the amazing local cuisine, and why not try a few of the amazing tapas.

As you know, Corralejo is also one of the most important tourist places in Fuerteventura. There are many shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, and even malls, where you will be able to go shopping, take some souvenirs or discover its history.

No trip to Corralejo is complete without a break to sit down and and tasting its delicious tapas, because the true essence of the exquisite gastronomy of the Canary Islands is shown in these small delicacies. Appetizers that you will find in many bars and restaurants of this fishing village with different quality and prices where you can wind down and enjoy yourself.

Some of these are located in the village centre; others are close to the port. A place famous for its fish speciality is Gregorio El Pescador, in the old town. At Tapas Oscar, in the centre, you will find a wide variety of majorero & Canarian cheeses tapas. And you can always pair them with a good regional wine. What a wonderful combination!

And if you fancy something different to delight your palate, you will also find bars & restaurants offering local fusion tapas with other Spanish products, or even international flavours. An example is Kactus Café Bar, with its Ibizan style terraces, where you will be able to taste bravas potatoes, Spanish omelette pinchos or prawns with bacon; with a special referral to its award winning crunchy cheese tapa – a delicious one that should be served hot.

On the other hand, at Gilda Casa de Vinos & Tapas, the pleasure of tasting tapas will be pair with good music. Another example of local & international flavour fusion is at 13 Bistrot & Tapas Bar, where you will be able to enjoy flavours from Fuerteventura & Sardinia.

At land of Freedom Tapas Bar & Restaurant, cuisine lovers will also find their place, since there is a wide variety of vegetarian, meat or fish tapas, including a wine tasting. Additionally, they play live music – jazz, rock & roll or Latin rhythms – at night.

Think that gastronomy is another way to discover the culture of the place you are visiting. This way you will be closer to its people and traditions. So submerge in all their deliciousness.

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