Things to do in Playa Blanca, enjoy a world of possibilities

Playa Blanca is one of the most visited areas in Lanzarote. Its closeness to Fuerteventura attracts not only visitors from Lanzarote but tourists from the neighbouring island.

What to see in Playa Blanca

It is one of the most famous areas of Lanzarote. It has known how to combine its maritime tradition with sustainable tourism. Long ago, it was a small fisherman village that changed with tourism arrival. Still, over the years it has received several awards for its sustainability, maintenance and respect for the environment.  

Playa Blanca has today a wide range of suggestions for its visitors. Shops, restaurants, and bars for all tastes and pockets. Its main places are the seaside promenade and Limones street – a pedestrian passage with many different shops –.

However, there is much more to see in Playa Blanca. Located in the south of Lanzarote and very close to the Timanfaya National Park, the Volcanos Natural Park, and Papagayo Beach, one of the most famous of the island. With its unique landscapes, these places are must-sees. That is because they are part of the island’s allure, where you will discover how it was shaped and how flora & fauna have adapted in this inhospitable area.

Another place that impacts it’s visitors is Los Hervideros where the sea pounds the cava bringing an explosive water spectacle. Just 2km away there’s El Lago Verde. Its colour is because of the water Sulphur, contrasting with the surrounding ochre coloured mountains. The black sand beach close to the lack is very beautiful to be photographed because of its contrasting colors – but dangerous to swim –. Close to the lake, there is El Golfo village, a fisherman village where you can eat delicious fish & fresh seafood dishes.

Bars & restaurants

Fancy enjoying a great dinner? The restaurant La Romántica is one of the places receiving more positive online reviews from travelers. It has sea views and a creative & neat menu – pasta, meat, and obviously fish –.

To have a drink at night, and enjoying the area atmosphere, we recommend you Jungle Bar. It is a nightly concert hall on the seaside promenade. It is nice to listen to live music while enjoying outstanding views. In the afternoon, they also serve fast food. You will definitely love it!

The beaches

Playa Blanca has three clearwater beaches with fine, golden sand. The longest one is Playa Blanca, which is just in the central area of the seaside promenade. If we go towards the west from the promenade crossing the coast, we will get to Playa Flamingo. And, if we go towards the east, we will discover Playa Dorada.

For many people, these three beaches are the most beautiful ones in Lanzarote. Besides, being placed in the south of the island, they have wonderful weather all year round. In winter months it’s the warmest area of the island and holds the record with the highest temperatures.

One of the most original experiences in diving is carried out here, in Playa Blanca. This location is the Atlantic Museum. Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculptures are placed nearly 15 meters deep in a protected area of the sea bottom of Playa Blanca. Diving centers on the island are offering submergence hiking to visit the wonderful work, located in an exciting marine environment. It is an unforgettable experience for diving lovers.

How to get to Playa Blanca

One of the best options to travel from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote by ferry. There are regular routes and fantastic daily hiking at great prizes. You can discover another Canary island during your holidays in a comfortable & easy way. With a nice 45 minutes boat ride. In less than an hour, you will open your eyes to Playa Blanca, a beautiful white house village surrounded by palms and volcanic rocks. It is as simple as taking a bus. Are you going to miss it?

To Playa Blanca in a regular route

There are regular routes up to 7 per day from Corralejo to Playa Blanca, on the south coast of Lanzarote. The first ferry departs at 9am and the last returning journey to Fuerteventura is at 19.30pm. So you have a long day to make the most of Playa Blanca. During the journey, you can go out on the deck or inside the ferry, up to you. In addition, you have free wifi and bar service to have refreshments.

Hiking to Playa Blanca

However, if you want to enjoy your holidays with all the amenities you can enjoy an arranged hiking to Playa Blanca. There are many of them, but we love Atlantic Adventure from Fuerteventura. Why is it our favorite? For many reasons, among which, because it picks you up and leaves you back to your hotel in Fuerteventura – or at the nearest agreed point –; because you can visit Playa Blanca on your own and discover Papagayo coast practicing different water activities, such as snorkel or kayak. It sounds great, right? We still have more. Through this hiking, you will also have free drinks on board, and ride a banana boat!

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