Discover the wonders of the Timanfaya National Park

Can you imagine a horizon with scarce vegetation and beautiful geological formations of lava and rock of a thousand colours? The Timanfaya National Park is a unique and magical place. It is a mixture of fire, ash and earth.

It was declared a national park, being the third protected area of the Canary archipelago. It has just over 50 square kilometres and more than 25 volcanoes. The best-known volcanoes are the ‘Montañas del Fuego’, ‘Montaña Rajada’ or ‘La Caldera del Corazoncillo’. The scenery is, really, breath taking.

What to do in Timanfaya?

If this is your first visit, the Cultural and Tourist Center in Las Montanas del Fuego is a must place to go. Discover in the Islet of Hilario the strength of the earth. How? If you book a guided tour, in this area you will be taught how the water rises by boiling as a geyser or how you can cook a fried egg simply by placing it on the ground. Volcanic activity is still recorded in this area. Experts say there are hot spots on the surface that reach 120 degrees Celsius and up to 600 degrees at only 43 feet deep. Awesome!

La Ruta de Los Volcanes is also a route that you have to experience. The itinerary in a guagua (a transfer) leaves from the Islet of Hilario and is included in the price of the entrance to the Natural Park. It has about 14 kilometres and runs through the most impressive volcanoes. You can see the different types of lava that are part of the landscape; El Manto de la Virgen, one of the zones with the highest temperature; and go through volcanic tubes. You can also climb to the top of Las Montañas de Fuego, and admire the views of the impressive craters of Timanfaya.

If you have the soul of and adventurer, you can explore La Ruta del Litoral (the coastal route) on your own. This is an itinerary that borders the coast and extends over more than 20 kilometres round trip. The tour begins in the municipality of El Golfo, outside the Natural Park. The path is perfectly delimited and is very easy to follow. In addition, it is very well marked the point where the road already belongs to the protected area of Timanfaya.

The landscape is unique, with lava formations of unusual shapes and the striking colour contrast between the blue ocean and the dark fields of magma. If you choose not to follow a guide, remember that it is a protected area of high level and so you are not allowed to leave the trail.

Remember also to use suitable clothing and footwear, preferably hiking boots and breathable textile, and always to carry water or sports drinks. And protect yourself with sun block and a hat.

If you are curious to know more about the culture of the island and, specifically, what life was like, visit the Echadero de los Camellos Museum, about 2 kilometres from Las Montañas de Fuego entrance. There you will be able to discover, among other things, the tools of tillage that were traditionally used and how camel farmers handled them to accomplish the works of the field, and also you will learn about the different volcanic materials. In addition, you will be able to hire an exciting ride on a camel. You should know that this activity is only done between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., so don’t leave it for the end of the day!

And if you love to try different places’ gastronomy, visit the restaurant El Diablo, the work of Cesar Manrique. There you will be able to try typical dishes of the archipelago, cooked in a furnace with natural heat –from the own land. Everything in a unique environment, where the nature has become art.

Live an extraordinary experience surrounded by a lunar landscape here in the Earth, in Lanzarote, an island full of charm and with many things to offer.