Virgen del Carmen holiday on La Graciosa island

The traditional holiday Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen on the island of La Graciosa is celebrated every year in the month of July. This passion for the Virgin of the Sea, as it is also known, has its apogee in the sea procession organized every year by the local community.

How to experience the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen on the island of La Graciosa?

July 16th is the day of the Virgin Carmen who is the patron saint of the island of La Graciosa. During several days, the island dresses up and the local community organizes a number of activities and religious acts. Festivals, games, music, movies, sports championships, masses and the famous procession make up the most important festivities of this island.

The maritime procession in honour of the Virgin is the most outstanding celebration during the holidays. The Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Caleta de Sebo is the host of the religious services and later, the image of the Virgin is carried in a procession towards the dock accompanied by devoted local community that follows the image. Already in the port, it is taken by boat along the island’s coast, accompanied by many boats that carry the faithful to make floral offerings to remember the people who died at sea. Once they return to the wharf, the image of the Virgin receives blessings and offerings and then returns to her church accompanied by the parishioners with cheers.

Taking the image of the Virgin along the coast in a boat is a privilege that every year is designated to one of the families of the island. For the sailors it is an honour and a very emotional and important experience.

This party is a great representation of the popular and cultural traditions of the gracioseros – locals of La Graciosa island – who actively participate in creating the program of the activities, collaborating with each other.

During these days, the quiet island of La Graciosa is crowded with people who come to witness the festivities. It is difficult to find where to stay and the reservations of ferries are quickly sold out. Therefore, we advise you to plan your trip a couple of months in advance to not miss the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen.

Whether you visit the island in a single day or you travel for more days, you can cross to La Graciosa by ferry from the port of Órzola in Lanzarote. Every day there are ferries that will take you to the island with a frequency of 25 minutes and where you can take pets, surfboards, bicycles, luggage, everything you need to enjoy excursions and walks to explore the island and spend some fantastic days.

If you plan your trip in advance for those dates, you can reserve a camping place in the only place enabled for it on any island, the campsite ‘El Salado’ which is located on the beach of the same name, next to Caleta de Sebo. If you like the outdoors and nature, this can be a good choice to enjoy the holidays.

You can check the program of the festivities in La Graciosa on the page of the town hall of Teguise. Every year the activities that will take place during the holidays are published there and so, you can plan your trip to La Graciosa to take better advantage of the days.

Explore La Graciosa during the feast of the Virgen del Carmen

 During the days of the celebrations of the Virgen del Carmen, take time to explore La Graciosa by bicycle or on foot and visit the most beautiful beaches on the island. Different routes will take you to captivating places such as the town of Pedro Barba, Montaña Amarilla, Montaña Bermeja or Montaña del Mojón.

You will discover natural landscapes where the tranquillity and wonderful landscapes predominate and demostrate the most characteristic features of La Graciosa.

It is an ideal island for activities such as diving or kayak. The sea offers an opportunity to get to know the marine fauna and the fantastic underwater landscapes that surround La Graciosa. It is also the best place to enjoy kayak, another experience that you will remember. But do not forget to bring sun cream and comfortable shoes! In La Graciosa there are no asphalt roads, the streets are sandy and sunny days abound.

Taste the cuisine of the island in its restaurants that offer to savour the flavours of the sea as La Graciosa is an island of fishermen

Surrender to the charms of this island, its people and its customs. Respect its traditions and its nature to help preserve its authenticity and uniqueness.

The experiences on this island are a pleasure for all the senses. If you want to experience them, we’ll take you onboard. Book your ticket with Líneas Romero to attend the Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in La Graciosa.