Discover the best virgin beaches in Lanzarote and let yourself go

Do you have your own secret beach? Or maybe would you like to find one? The beach where nature is ruling and where you could relax in the tranquil setting. Of course, there are many beaches in Lanzarote, some are great for enjoying a day of fun with your children, others create a romantic atmosphere with its natural beauty – perfect for a day at the beach with your partner.

This is a post for those who are looking for quiet virgin beaches in Lanzarote. If you want to find an undiscovered beach to have a relaxing day, keep reading! 

Playa Caletón Blanco

Route&Time: approx. 30 mins from Lanzarote Airport to Playa Caletón Blanco

This beach is located in the northern part of Lanzarote, which is 30 mins away from Lanzarote Airport by car.

One of the greatest charms of this beach is the beautiful combination of white sand and crystal blue ocean that together create an amazingly beautiful scenery. Playa Caletón Blanco is one of the natural coves that are located in near the fishing village Órzola. All coves are quite beautiful, but Caletón Blanco stands out for its magnificent natural swimming pool of crystal-clear water. 

Playa de la Cera

Route&Time: approx. 40 mins from Lanzarote Airport to Playa de la Cera

It is located in the southern part of Lanzarote and it will take you around 40 mins to get there from Lanzarote Airport by car.

Known as one of the beaches of Papagayo, Playa de la Cera truly makes the top lists of virgin beaches of Lanzarote. Similar to other Papagayo beaches, la Cera is a beach of outstanding beauty, but unlike the neighbouring beaches, it enjoys the tranquillity of solitude, as it is not so easy to reach the beach. You can get close to the beach by car but the road is a little bumpy. Once you’ve parked your car at the parking you need to go down a path to get to this actual beach. Some parts of it are a bit steep, so bring your hiking shoes. Doesn’t it make for an exciting adventure with the destination so tempting and attracting? The unspoiled beauty of Playa de la Cera certainly makes it a great place to spend a day and to enjoy nature. 

Playa de Órzola

Route&Time: approx. 40 mins from Lanzarote Airport to Playa de Órzola

Located just outside the town of Órzola, Playa de Órzola is one of the most secluded beaches of the island.

If you are looking to witness the true nature, in all its wilderness, this beach is for you. The rough ocean and strong winds are typical for this beach, so you should take extra care when you’re going for a swim in the unspoiled waters of Playa de Órzola. Mostly people go there for surfing or to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a true virgin beach in Lanzarote, with no sun beds service or other facilities. Only you and nature. As the beach is located in the north of the island, from that area you can enjoy the view to the La Graciosa Island, the most undiscovered island in the Canary Archipelago. 

If you fancy a visit to the 8th Canary island – La Graciosa – the best option would be to make a day trip there. You can take an excursion from Órzola and sail to the island on a luxurious catamaran. Wouldn’t that be a memorable trip?

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