Everything you need to know about the weather in Fuerteventura

This beautiful island is also known as “the island of eternal spring”  thanks to its 110 kilometers of coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, its 325 sunny days a year and, obviously, the fact it is 20 degrees Celsius on average throughout the year. The weather in Fuerteventura is enviable.

When is it best to visit Fuerteventura?

Usually, if it rains, this will take place between the late October through until March; this gives the northwest of the island a greenish landscape. This rain is scarce on the east coast and thus remains with its most desert landscape. Most tourists agree that the best time to visit the island is during September and October, since the trade winds are at their lightest and the sea is at its warmest point.

Weather Overview

The climate on this island is classified as warm desert, this climate is affected by various factors, such as; the trade winds of the northeast, the subtropical latitude, the proximity to Lanzarote, the proximity to Africa, the lack of altitude and the relatively cold current of the Canary Islands.

Also, they do not have mountains, so humid air passes over them with hardly any trace of rain. The only exception will be found in the peaks of Jandia, in the south.

Fuerteventura micro-climates

It is curious the variation of the climates in this single island depending on the season.

Caleta de Fuste may not offer the most spectacular beaches in Fuerteventura; but the protected lagoon can offer water temperatures that are several degrees higher than in the open sea.

Costa Calma can have strong wind storms, great for windsurfing and kite surfing, while Morro Jable is protected by the highest mountain range on the island. If you are interested in knowing where to practice Windsurf and Kitesurf, check our blog.

The sea conditions also vary considerably around the island: surfing can be practiced perfectly in El Cotillo, while in Jandia it will be a miracle if someone gets to surf, since the sea is a dish all year round.

What to pack when visiting Fuerteventura?

In winter, fill your suitcase with thin clothes, a jacket for the night and just in case you can take a raincoat or bring an umbrella, but I doubt you will use it.

While in summer, cool clothes, a scarf if the wind bothers you, a sweatshirt for the nights with wind and sports shoes for the beautiful excursions or any hiking  you can do, which is highly recommended. If you would like to discover the Canary Islands with excursions, we have the best options for you! 

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