What you can do thanks to the good weather of La Graciosa

The Canary Islands have a world of islets where you can enjoy the sun, the beach, silence, wonderful views and nature. As in Lanzarote, the weather in La Graciosa makes it an island of an “eternal spring” because it has a warm temperature throughout the year, so you can go at any time and go with light clothes and take a dip. Intrigued? We recommend that you continue reading.

The island

La Graciosa is a flat island that stands out for its volcanic ensembles, its virgin beaches and turquoise and transparent waters. Its subtropical climate has an average annual temperature of 22 degrees that makes trips to this island enjoyable at any time of the year.

The population that inhabits the island is little and only few tourists visit, so you will not find crowded areas as in other of the Canary Islands. You can enjoy the silence and tranquillity of its beaches. In addition, this island has no paved roads, so it turns out to be a place with a lot of charm and serenity, free of pollution, ideal to travel by bicycle or on foot.

La Graciosa is included within the Marine Reserve and its landscape value is fascinating. The surrounding marine environment is rich in a variety of flora and fauna species, a condition given by the minimum average water temperature between 18 and 21 degrees. It is a great island for lovers of nature and the sea.

How to get there?

To the island you arrive by boat. From Órzola, north of Lanzarote, the ferries depart regularly to the island in a journey that only lasts 25 minutes. The trip ends up disembarking in Caleta del Sebo, in La Graciosa.

As soon as you arrive you will see that the streets of the village are of fine sand, there is no asphalt and their few houses are low and white giving a picturesque appearance. Without a doubt, it is a small village with a lot of beauty, like the island itself.

Caleta del Sebo is the only point on the island where you will find accommodation if you want to stay for a few more days, but remember to book in advance. There you will also find restaurants, pharmacies and other services.

How to explore the island?

Being a small island of only 29.05 square kilometres, it is easy to cross it so you can do it on foot or by bicycle since, in La Graciosa, it is not possible to rent cars or motorcycles. But if you are loaded with things or with small children and want to avoid delays, you can tour the island in 4×4 off-road taxis, which are adapted for rocky roads and that will take you to the areas you want to visit and pick you up whenever you want.

Also, we recommend you get to know La Graciosa and its exotic landscapes by bike. You will find paths that will take you to unique corners of the island.

In Caleta del Sebo, you can rent a mountain bike, in case you do not have your own. Also, there are enabled tools to help us in case of a breakdown. However, if you are going to carry your bike, think that the roughness of the ground requires that your means of locomotion be prepared to travel on difficult terrain.

The different routes to travel in La Graciosa will take you, starting from Caleta del Sebo, to places such as Montaña del Mojón, Pedro Barba, Las Conchas beach or Montaña Amarilla.

What to see?

To the northeast of the island of La Graciosa is the village of Pedro Barba, a low-lying village that was colonized by the second wave of families that arrived on the island. There is a beautiful beach where you can relax before an incredible sunset.

Another place you cannot miss is Playa de las Conchas, a virgin beach where you can contemplate the magnitude of the Atlantic Ocean. The best thing about this beach is that, being isolated, it is almost always empty. Therefore, if you are looking for solitude and enjoy nature, we recommend it.

Where to eat?

Despite being a small island, you will not be short of options where to eat. On Avenida Virgen del Mar you will find many restaurants, some with a lot of charm where you can eat very well for very little. In these bars you can taste the authentic local food of La Graciosa, especially the flavours of the sea for being an island of fishermen, as well as the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, a luxury for your palate!

La Graciosa is, without a doubt, an obligatory getaway during your visit to the Canary Islands. In the next holidays, plan a day trip to La Graciosa and explore its exotic landscapes. The lived experience will last forever in your memories.

Embark on our ferry and spend a fabulous day in La Graciosa!

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