What can you do at Caleta de Sebo?

La Graciosa is that kind of island which will trap you in with its charm; it is unique and it posses a perfect climate throughout the year impossible to find elsewhere in the world. We invite you to visit its small enchanting fishing village, filled with sandy streets and its aged white house.

Caleta de Sebo is the most populated area of entire island, the hub of all touristic routes and known for its amazing gastronomy – you can check our blog for more info on gastronomy. Located in the southwest of the island, it has one of the best fishing banks in the world; that is why the town and its frequented port were founded. Here we present various reasons to visit this unique village and its people:

La Graciosa´s Festives

The Festives of Caleta del Sebo are a delightful spectacle for your ears and your eyes. From 9 to 25 July, this people revere la  Virgen del Carmen every day and for that, on the 16th, she carries out various activities in which both Christian rituals and festivals are celebrated at the beginning of the night.

Christian activities offer various cultural attractions such as huge Masses and offerings to the Virgin (in which food is donated through Parish Caritas). It also includes a maritime procession and prayers for the sailors who died at sea, followed by a folkloric performance of the island.

These are unique cultural events, with such an amount of feeling and passion you must not miss.

An underwater museum

This museum is a must,  when visiting Caleta del Sebo. The Chinijo Museum is full of secrets that await some of the most important riches of the Canaries and hundreds of years of history under the sea.

Although small, it is a space full of incredible information about the native life at this paradise: the cetaceans, the salt, the Chinijo Archipelago, the aloe vera and the orchilla – a common fish for the waters of La Graciosa. Facts like the largest shark in the world, the Megalodon, living in graceful waters make this museum an really mystical trip.

An underwater treasure twenty meters deep in the ocean

As mentioned previously, Caleta de Sebo has one of the richest fish banks in the world. So, why wouldn’t you enter the depths of the Caleta de Sebo?

The Burrera is considered a gift  for marine life lovers. Why a gift? You need extreme luck. Getting to discover the sea bottom requires a set of perfect meteorological conditions (waves, currents), plus a half-hour journey.

The diver is quickly rewarded by rocky bottoms painted by seaweed tapestries that form columns and cornices in which live banks of horse mackerel and burritos, including groupers, salemas, chopones and Canarian lobsters. All this in a labyrinth landscape just 20 meters deep.

Do not forget that La Graciosa has several beaches, such as La Francesa, located 20 minutes on foot from Caleta de Sebo, or Las Conchas Beach, one of the few remaining virgin beaches in the Canary archipelago. 

In addition to these activities, Lanzarote offers other boat excursions that will allow you to discover other sea beds in which to immerse yourself. Do not miss any opportunity on our blogs.

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