What to do in Órzola, Lanzarote. All you need to know!

Orzola is a beautiful fishing village in the north of Lanzarote. It is located in the municipality of Haría and is the only enclave of the island that has access to La Graciosa, an islet of 700 inhabitants, the largest in the Chinijo archipelago. But Orzola is much more than the gateway to La Graciosa.

Caletones. Unspoilt and secluded coves.

This village is famous for Los Caletones, a cluster of coves located at its entrance with extraordinary scenic beauty. Los Caletones is a deserted, virgin area with rugged orography formed by volcanic remains from the eruption of the Corona volcano.

These coves are characterized by shallow depth, its waters are transparent and they are surrounded by fine, white sand, touched by small mounds of vegetation and black volcanic rocks. Nature has created different coves, swimming areas, natural pools where you will surely find your corner to experience solitude, silence and tranquillity.

It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a unique landscape with great ecological value. Of all, the White Caleton (Caletón Blanco) is the most popular one. The locals claim that its sand has interesting healing properties.

Rich gastronomy

Orzola is a fishing village, so you can enjoy a gastronomy based on the cuisine of the sea. The restaurant La Nasa is one of the places with the best travellers opinions. The food is spectacular and the service, extraordinary. One of our favourite entrees is lapas with mojo. And as for main course, certainly a fresh fish with good side dishes. ‘Bocinegro’, ‘cherna’ or ‘vieja’ can be three rich and tasty alternatives.

Casa Arráez is another traditional restaurant facing the sea. Here you can also taste fresh fish from the Atlantic. They make spectacular seafood barbecues and also have high quality wines.

Authentic waves

Orzola is also a town with a reputation among surfers. La Canteria beach is one of the best known for its great waves. Its location favours that the trade winds blow of front and with force.

It is the chosen stage for the celebration of some surf annual championships. It offers waves at a constant rhythm of both right and left, so it is ideal to evolve in this sport. But you must watch over the ocean currents.

And if we look back, during the Spanish Civil War, between 1936 and 1939, trenches were built in this paradisiac place.

Festivities of Santa Rosa de Lima

The patron saint of Orzola is Santa Rosa de Lima, popularly known for being the patroness of women, specifically seamstresses and florists. Its festival is celebrated at the end of August and the party starts every year with the verbena of La Pamela. The town of Orzola decorates its streets and organizes a festive program with traditional acts, sporting events, children’s parties, concerts, etc. It is, without a doubt, an ideal time to visit this fantastic seafaring village.

Jameos del Agua

In the surroundings of Orzola, less than 10 kilometres away, you will find Jameos del Agua, a true jewel that unifies nature with the hand of man. This place consist of natural caves reformed by the architect Cesar Manrique, and today they have become one of the biggest tourist claims of Lanzarote.

Surprise yourself with the different geological formations that, with the help of a great artist, have been converted into art. In Jameos del Agua you will find impressive spaces, caves with endemic vegetation, underground lakes, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a restaurant… The perfect harmony inside one of the largest volcanic tubes in the world.

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