The 8 things you can do in Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the most popular tourist area of Lanzarote. It is in the municipality of Tías, very close to the airport. Playa Blanca and Los Fariones are the two busiest and most extensive beaches in this part of the island. This beautiful harbour offers the traveller countless leisure and relaxing activities. There are many things Puerto del Carmen offers, but we have narrow down the list for you. Here you have the 8 best things you can do.

Do you like parties? Puerto del Carmen is one of the places of Lanzarote with more party atmosphere and endless fun.

1. Carnival in February

Europe and the rest of Spain suffer during the winter the terrible cold waves, with snow and masses of polar air. Meanwhile, Lanzarote lives on the fringes of these episodes and maintains a privileged climate, of eternal spring. During the month of February, after Ash Wednesday, the streets of Puerto del Carmen are filled with joy and colour. A parade of floats and flashy costumes illuminates everything.

The consistory organizes a fun program for all ages. You can enjoy children’s activities, charangas and dancing for the little ones. Also there will be exhibitions of batucadas, comparsas, concerts and performances of drag queens for adults.

From the 15th to 18th of February 2018. Write this date on your calendar and live the Carnival of Puerto del Carmen to the fullest.

2. Nuestra señora del Carmen Festivities

Puerto del Carmen festivities are celebrated at the end of July and are an authentic island tradition. The streets are decked out and this tourist location is a hive of fun. It is one of the most awaited festivities on the island, and maintains its maritime tradition, with maritime processions and festivals on the seashore.

3. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park

Discover the authentic west and meet exotic species of animals. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is a fun theme park with a zoo and aquarium on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen.

You will be able to see amazing dolphin shows, birds of prey, exhibits set in the far west, slide down a waterslide or enjoy a meal in the purest American style. If you are traveling with children, this is a very good option.

4. Ironman in May

But if you are a true adventurer and you like the challenges, Puerto del Carmen hosts every year the most important sporting concentration of the island. Thousands of athletes from around the world compete to become men and women of iron participating in one of the toughest contests in the world: Ironman.

It is a triathlon-sporting event, in which swimming, cycling and running tests are mixed and thousands of athletes and fans gather. In 2018 will be held the 27th edition, specifically on May 26th. Even without participating, it is a very interesting date to visit the area and live to the maximum the sports spirit and the high level competition.

If you love practicing sports or just moving your body to feel better, Puerto del Carmen has several hiking trails. One of the most beautiful and suitable for almost everyone is the one that runs between Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero.

It is a journey of 3.70 kilometres away, bordering the sea, with hardly any slopes. The views are simply spectacular. It is a comforting experience that will make rest days, sunbeds and meals in restaurants more enjoyable.

6. Shopping

There are those who like to walk… when going shopping. Puerto del Carmen has a nice shopping centre. It is called Biosphere Plaza, has more than 50 establishments and almost 10,000 square meters of surface.

Here you will find everything you are looking for. There are shops of the most important fashion chains like Zara, Levi’s or Natura; And supermarkets, perfumeries, shoe shops, restaurants or beauty salons.

7. Starlight Cinema

Do you fancy watching a movie and watching a sky full of stars at the same time? In Lanzarote, you can do it. The Biosfera Plaza shopping centre shows films outdoors, in one of its pleasant terraces. These projections are after sunset, and all movies can be heard in two languages, with headphones of the latest technology. Also, the seats are very comfortable. You will love the experience!

8. Going out

And last but not least, what type of list would be without a night out option? Puerto del Carmen is a place with a very active nightlife. There are restaurants and cocktail bars for all tastes and pockets. Do you want to know which ones we like the most? The Island Bar, La Delicadezza and Lanzarote Palace, there there you would find us. Enjoy the night!