What to eat in La Graciosa. The great gastronomy of the sea.

La Graciosa -recently recognized as the eighth wonder of Las Canarias- is an island where you can enjoy absolute tranquillity, perfect for a getaway in search of golden beaches, where you can connect with nature and the ocean.

We know that its 12,5 kilometers witout any asphalt in sight is reason enough to fall in love with this small island and, for that reason, you will want to explore all its possibilities. To reach this islet, just take a ferry from Lanzarote, and there you’ll find affordable apartments and accommodation.

In addition, there you will be able to delight yourself with the incredible Canarian cuisine: provided with the generous Atlantic Ocean that bathes the coasts of this volcanic island. La Graciosa gastronomy shares its menu with Lanzarote, provided to a large extent with fish from the Atlantic that together with other flavours embody both Spanish and African tastes:

Chicharrones de morena

The fried moray (chicarrones de morena) is one of the “clandestine” dishes of Canarian cuisine due to its complex and dangerous preparation process, since it has many bones.

This fish is dipped 24 hours in sea salt prepared with garlic, oregano and palm pepper. Then it is treated with poached olive oil for a quarter of an hour. The result is medium, golden, crunchy and juicy portions of moray, which are garnished with some Canarian potatoes and mojo. This is definitely a dish that you cannot miss out on.

Roasted cheese with palm honey

This semi-cured smoked goat cheese should be savoured straight out of the oven, since it needs to be melting and ready to eat, which takes a maximum of 20 minutes, so it’s a starter to consider if you are hungry. It can be garnished with spicy mojo and green mojo, which make an excellent contrast with this cheese, in addition to some toast and red wine. A dish you have to consider trying.

Octopus Carpaccio

The octopus carpaccio is a very light second dish that marries the atmosphere of La Graciosa and its warmth, perfect at lunch time and to continue touring the island afterwards. It can also be ordered as an starter.

In this dish the octopus slices with black pepper are the main focus, although it can be garnished with vegetables, parsley leaves and a lemon scent. For those who love vinegar, we recommend, using a hint of balsamic one. Even if a simple dish, it stands out due to the intense flavour of the octopus.


The common seabream, also known as ‘bocinegro’ in the Canary Islands, is a white fish that stands out for its excellent quality and is also very abundant in the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most recommendable ways to treat this fish is over potato burger and sweet potato with mojo.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are cooked on a very low temperature so that way the bocinegro – roasted on the grill – still remains the main feature of this dish. Everything is presented together with the typical mojos, which even if they are optional, are more than advisable.

La Graciosa gastronomy, although simple, is varied and contains different flavours from Spanish cuisine. Its only village is full of high quality restaurants that offer the aforementioned. In addition, all the named dishes can be paired with a glass of Malvasia wine, typical of the Canary Islands and especially of this island, cultivated in ashes.

Remember that while La Graciosa has a simple but delicate cuisine, along with its beaches free from tourists, the island promises to be a cultural and relaxing retreat. Learn more about its charm here.

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