What to eat in Órzola? Discover everything that the north of Lanzarote has to offer you

Órzola, a picturesque fishing village located in the north of Lanzarote, from where ferries that connect this island with La Graciosa leave daily, is a place of reference for gastronomy lovers who find special pleasure in eating delicious products from the sea. Órzola offers you a unique gastronomic experience. Get ready to savor it!

Órzola, a pleasure for your palate

The gastronomy of this fishing village in Lanzarote is characterized by the taste of the sea, because all the fish and seafood served in its various restaurants and bars is fresh and comes from local fishermen’s daily catch.

If you stroll around the harbour terraces you will find several restaurant where you can have sancocho, a typical Canarian stew made with grouper or Atlantic wreckfish, paired with potatoes and sweet potatoes, mojo and gofio pella. If you are one of those people who like hot dishes, you will also be able to savour caldo de millo, a corn-based broth, or try any other tasty, warming and traditional stews.

On the other hand, the most characteristic elaborations of grilled dishes feature sardines, limpets, red-banded sea bream, viejas, grouper and Atlantic wreckfish, which, seasoned with garlic and parsley, will be absolutely delicious… And let’s not forget about the mixed fish grill, featuring red porgy, white seabream, dentex, vieja… Another hit for your palate!

And if you like tapas and its culture, you will also be able to try these gastronomic miniatures with seafood or fish pair with Majorero cheese tables, or with limpets with picadillo. Having tapas by the seashore is a pleasure for the senses. It’s highly recommended.

On the other hand, another dish you need to remember to order whatever you travel in Lanzarote is papas arrugadas with mojo, a typical Canarian side dish which is feature in every corner of the island. Likewise you will find many gastronomic elaborations of Canary Islands made out of  gofio.

And if you are a meat person don’t worry! Lanzarote gastronomy, and most specifically Órzola’s cuisine will also show you many different dishes featuring meats such as the kid which can be cooked in the oven, marinated or fried.

In addition, any of these gastronomic delights of Lanzarote can be paired with a designation of origin (D.O.) wine. In any case, it will be the highlight of any exquisite dish you try on this incredible island full of culture and charm.

Last but not least tempt you sweet tooth with a bienmesabe (a.k.a. taste good) dessert, made with almonds, honey, lemon and egg, it will give you strength to tour the rest of Órzola. With that name, no one will be able to resist the temptation!

A walk through Órzola

After enjoying a delightful meal it’s time to equally enjoy a walk through Órzola. The views from the town towards the Chinijo Archipelago are simply fantastic, hence this is an ideal place to visit. But touring the surroundings is even more amazing, especially if you want to discover its beaches, calm and ideal to spend the day.

In its virgin coves you will be able to sunbathe, but also to contemplate the landscape or take a great nap to the sound the sea. You will be able to take dip in the natural pools of Los Calentones, a very peaceful and calming place. In Calentón Blanco, the fine white sand contrasts with the black of volcanic rocks that emerge from crystalline water, this one is an ideal cove to go with children, who will fully enjoy splashing in the ponds and observing the tiny nature that is hidden in them. It is one of the largest coves near the town of Órzola and on the way to Jameos del Agua.

If you like water sports such as surfing, you can also try Playa de la Canteria waves. This sandy beach offers excellent waves to surf and  has a stunning views of the nearby island La Graciosa. It is an ideal place to disconnect and spend the day.

And if you also want to pay a visit to La Graciosa, you will easily catch a ferry transfer from port of Órzola. Several ferries depart during the day to La Graciosa’s port, known as Caleta de Sebo. In approximately 30 minutes you will be in La Graciosa, with your surfboard, your pet, your bicycle or, simply, on your own to spend an excellent day on its virgin beaches.

Getting to Órzola

Getting to Órzola is easy from anywhere in Lanzarote, both by car and by bus. But if you are a sport lover as much as cuisine enthusiast, you can try its route for hikers and cyclists crossing Lanzarote from north to south. The Nature Trail (GR-131) connects Playa Blanca in the South with Órzola in a 71 km route that crosses many spectacular places on the island such as the Timanfaya National Park, the Natural Monument of La Corona, the Volcanoes Natural Park, the protected landscape of La Geria, among others.

Also from Puerto Del Carmen, there is a route leading to Órzola, where you will be able to discover wonderful landscapes full of coves, cliffs and beautiful villages. Without a doubt, a wonderful walk for natural lovers.

Thus, passing through the town of Órzola is a must for all visitors arriving in Lanzarote.

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