Where to eat in Arrecife. Discover the best places to taste Lanzarote

A walk through Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, to explore its points of interest or to go shopping, is a must on your trip to the Canary Islands. The charms of this seaside city will not go unnoticed and walking through it is a pleasure for the senses. But visiting this city also invites you to taste the flavours of the Canary Islands. That is why there will be time to stop for a while to choose where to eat in Arrecife. 

Enyesques, tapas with Canarian flavor

‘Enyesques’ is the word that Canarian people use to talk about the typical Spanish tapas which are cooked with local cuisine products. Example of this traditional dishes, that can be found in many Arrecife bars, are wrinkled potatoes with mojo, fried Canarian chorizo, montadito with roasted cheese and mojo, burgados, etc.

You can also taste the traditional Spanish tapas, like the omelette, in many bars and restaurants in the capital.

On your trip to Arrecife, you will find other areas where you can eat, be it traditional Canarian food or international cuisine. You will also find both traditional styles and haute cuisine and prices for all budgets.

El Charco de San Ginés, terraces overlooking the lagoon

In the area of Charco de San Ginés, you will find a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can taste the typical dishes of the Canarian cuisine, fish, seafood or meat dishes.

This area is growing year after year, becoming a gastronomic reference in Arrecife. It is the preferred place for locals to meet, eat tapas and to have a drink. The offer is very varied both for the cuisine of Lanzarote and for Spanish and international cuisine.

After a walk around the Charco, you can sit on any of the terraces of the restaurant or bars that surround the lagoon. Enjoy at noon the views tasting a good lunch at the edge of Charco de San Ginés, is a very pleasant experience.

Within the list of the most popular and recommended sites you will find the Tasca La Raspa. Here you can taste typical dishes of the Canarian cuisine prepared with love and where you can appreciate the special care they give to their local products, as well as enjoying beautiful views of the boats anchored in the lagoon.

In Charco Vivo, Spanish and Canary cuisine are present. The place, both its restaurant and the bar, decorated with marine style, are a must to pause and regain strength. The fish with squid is the star dish, so don’t miss the opportunity to try it!

In the Jolatero, located in the highest part of Charco de Ginés, you can enjoy a sunset on its terraces, since from there there are unbeatable views of the sea and the Marina. The place is very quiet so, enjoy tapas or eat accompanied by a fresh beer or wines from the land, it is a privilege. Close to El Jolatero, there is the Malecón Restaurant & Copas, where the lean hamburgers or the casseroles of prawns and mushrooms stand out. 

In the restaurant Cala del chef Luis León, one of the best chefs of Canarian cuisine prepares the magnificent meals. With the personal touch of the chef in each dish, there are local fish, roasts, grill and regional products in the menu, and its terrace overlooking the Charco de San Ginés is an ideal place to have a good time.

In Naia you will find international cuisine. This restaurant was included in the Michelin Guide in 2017, which fills them with pride and attaches them to a commitment of quality.

In the surroundings of Charco de Ginés, a few meters from Parroquia de San Ginés and Plaza de las Palmas, we can find Strava, located on a cobbled street and a traditional style building. In this tapas bar you can taste the dishes of Canary flavours and tasty wines.

Shopping in Marina Lanzarote

To go shopping in Arrecife it is enough to go around the lagoon towards Marina Lanzarote, where sailors from all over the world make their stop. On the seafront, there is a wide variety of shops with renowned brands and restaurants. Here, you will find the Lilium restaurant, recognized in the Michellin guide, that applies its creative cuisine to Canarian gastronomy in a modern establishment.

In this area, you also have hamburger restaurants such as Entrepuentes City Lanzarote. 

On the way to the Canary Islands Park and the Reducto beach

If your walk takes you to the side of the Playa del Reducto, halfway to the Canary Islands Park, you will find the Bodegón Los Conejeros, where the regional cuisine with its local products are its specialty.

At the end of the Canary Islands Park, the Altamar restaurant boasts incredible views where you can see a large part of the island. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Grand Hotel & Spa Reef. The flavour of the local products is present in its innovative and high quality cuisine, which you can taste in its delicious menu and perfect selection of Lanzarote wines.

If you fancy Asturian fusion cuisine, you will find it in the Asturias Bar, located just 25 meters from the Playa del Reducto, where you can accompany your tapas or dishes with a fresh Asturian cider.